Gaining New Perspectives in Writing

We show only the parts of ourselves which we want the world to see, and this is what makes perspective so intriguing.

When you write, a lot of the times there are many different angles to look at any given situation you’re focused on. Whether you’re writing a non-fiction or fiction book, you’ll usually find yourself wondering which way is the best manner in which to view a topic. It’s always important to see something from multiple viewpoints, you never want to look at a piece of writing and wonder why you’re even writing it.

Some of the best methods of gaining a new perspective in your writing, is to imagine what your life would be like in different people’s positions. Better yet, you can also imagine what the world must feel like on a daily basis. Just imagine what the life of a mouse can be like. Or how a clock ticks. The possibilities are endless with this type of thinking when you’re a writer. There’s no end to creativity, the only limit is yourself. Never be too afraid, always question the validity of a person, a situation, or even the state of our world. The more you start to question, the more you begin to realize that everything in life is permitted. With this viewpoint, you can better understand a lot of the current world affairs in today’s globalized society.

A defining moment in any writer’s life, is characterized by a sense of awakening, or even a sense of understanding herself/himself in the world and where they stand in it. It can be a truly humbling, and sometimes even terrifying, realization when you begin to understand and come to terms with a lot of the realities of our existence and what it even means to be human in this ever-changing environment. To grasp your own identity is the single best thing you can ever do, not only for yourself, but for those around you who truly love you and cherish you for who you are as a human being in the world.

On a more transparent note, I want to let you know, that there are crueler fates out there in the world. Perspective also helps you to heighten your sense of awareness of this global injustice. Because in some manner, you will realize that even if you’re just one person in a sea of others, you can change the world, even on a micro level. Your actions, especially during times of hardship and uncertainty in your society, can help to further strengthen the bonds and connections you have with those around you.

Perspective of different people, different life-forms, and different ideologies, is probably the best tool to have if you are a writer. You’re able to understand so many otherwise mysterious concepts in mainstream society. You’re able to better analyze why something happened, and what caused it.

It’s kind of like being a detective, but the only thing is, no one in the entire world knows you’re paying attention.

If you choose to be naïve or willingly ignorant, I cannot judge you. I used to judge people on being ignorant, back when I was a teenager. But now that I’m an adult, I’ve come to understand that everything (and I mean everything) has a reason for being the way it is; and those things don’t necessarily change all the time. Some things can stay the “same” for a very long time. Inevitably, however, things do change. Whether it be in minutes, hours, days, months, years, or centuries – everything eventually succumbs to change. From people acting in peculiar or serious ways, to the very actions conducted by those in positions of power; to the differences between you and I, to the similarities two very different people might share – everything works according to what is being reflected or shown.

We show only the parts of ourselves which we want the world to see, and this is what makes perspective so intriguing.

I could go on further, but my time is limited today. I have a lot of work to do, and so little time to finish it. If anything, I’ll leave you with one simple thought: hold the deepest parts of yourself close to your soul, but let the world see you for who you truly are. In this way, you can better build your own character through the different tribulations and trials out there in our shared environment.

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

What is an Artist?

Artist are both Ying and Yang, right and wrong, good and evil.

Being the second installment of my new series “What is a/an _____?”, I thought I’d choose something quite similar to being a writer. Or at least similar to writers of fiction. I also chose this topic, because I once knew a woman named Emily (I won’t give out her real name, out of common courtesy for her privacy). At any rate, Emily was an amazing artist. She was inspirational in every sense of the word. There was always a vast depth to her creativity, and she was never afraid to test out her abilities in different mediums (such as water color, or acrylic). Her passion for art knew no boundaries.

Unfortunately, I broke up with her after 3 years, due to personal issues. I won’t delve too deeply into it, but I will say this. I had to refocus on getting my act together. There was no use in pretending I was letting the other aspects of my life, such as college and other personal endeavors, go to the wayside. If I were older and already some-what established in life, I would have surely stayed with her. But my priorities right now are different from what I want my priorities to be in a couple of years down the road from today.

At any rate, let me get into the nitty-gritty of this article. So what is an Artist?

An Artist is someone unrestrained by societies standards and expectations. They are unafraid to try new styles, and they are bold in their desire to add new perspectives to their creations. Unwavering in their convictions, yet fluid like water, Artists are the rare exception to the equilibrium of life. They are both steadfast in their viewpoints and still manage to be creative and open to new concepts without truly changing their own character or personality. Artist sometimes have the misconceived image of a person who is “wishy-washy” or “flaky” in their ideology.

But the truth, like I have stated, is far from the reality of what makes an Artist, an Artist.

Artist are both Ying and Yang, right and wrong, good and evil. If you really think deeply about it, an Artist, at the heart of their being and purpose, are the very essence of life itself. They embody all of the interesting and intricate realities of our existence. Steadfast in making sure that other fellow human beings see the many important messages that we, as the general public, might oversee or overlook due to our hectic schedules. Artists remind us not only who we are, but what we should be striving for in terms of real substantial worth in life.

Likely one of the saddest realities for Artists, are that they are mocked for their profession. They are seen as “leeches” on society, not really “contributing” to the overall arch of society’s daily demands. But, like everything in life and in existence, diversity of a people are what make us realize all of the aspects of life we would otherwise be naive or ignorant to. This is where the importance of Artists come in. They can draw, paint, and create wondrous and awe-inspiring pieces that get the general public talking, discussing, and acknowledging all sorts of different topics of interest. Whether it be about the natural beauty of the world, the lack of natural beauty of the world, or any other topic you can think of imaginable, you now have a semi-clear understanding of what Artists are truly all about.

There are many facets to an Artist, and admittedly, some (if not most) Artists can never be defined perfectly into any given category easily. I’ve only covered the very tip of the metaphorical iceberg. But if there is anything I want you to remember from this, it’s that, whenever you see an Artist – just know that their world and view on our home or just life in general could very well be something worth knowing…

Forever in Your Debt,

         R.S. Noel


When I Finally Grew Up

They were passionate lovers at one point, deeply passionate to the point of no return.

I once was a nice young man. I once was courteous without question, humble without reasoning, and innocent beyond normalcy. Truth be told, my life was enraptured in a perpetual cocoon of safety and security. I was never challenged, never questioned about my own aspirations, never seen as anything but “normal”. My virtue was to help every single person without fail, to go above and beyond to aid others before I even thought about working on the empty hollowness I felt inside growing up. I felt superficial, not real, a mere byproduct of my biological mother and father fucking each other and producing me as the outcome.

I won’t apologize for my crudeness. For you see, my parents loved each other so much, my father used to tell me when I was about seventeen years old, that he and my mom would “get it on” regularly. And I’m not shocked.

They were passionate lovers at one point, deeply passionate to the point of no return.

Now, it’s a different story. They’re divorced and the both of them live in two different states.

But surprisingly enough, I’ve come to relish in the unconventional quirks of life. I understand now that such traits of generosity and basic kindness truly are necessary to maintain the little hospitality that still exists in our society today. I’ve come to see now that society is necessary; life without it would be even more unimaginably difficult then it is already. But…perhaps I secretly want life to be a challenge. To see if we can make it in life and for how long is inherently a human feeling and thought process we all eventually come across in our own individual and personal lives.

Yes, I’m still cordial. I’m still nice to a degree. But what I’m not, is a pushover. I had a displeasing experience when I was nine years old that changed my perspective on the way I was going to live my life. I wanted to live in truth, not in deception or lies. Sufficient to say, the experience I had when I was a child changed everything about my view on life, and it was definitely for the better.

The experience itself is insignificant now, as ironic as that might sound. But the details of it truly do not matter now. Ultimately, the point I’m trying to make is this: this was the point in my young life when I had finally grown up.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still nice and cordial to complete strangers.

But, instead of just lying to someone I know outright and pretending to like them, each and every person who is placed in my life over a period of time, knows one of two things. 1. That I truly do want to become acquaintances, friends, and allies with them. Or 2. That I want nothing to do with them. I’m not fake about it; I “tell” it like it is. If I don’t like somebody, there’s usually a reason as to why. I’ve yet to come across a person I disliked and was completely clueless as to why I didn’t like them. Because the truth is, we all sense each other’s soul. We all see through the facade of reality and fantasy. When we met a person, within the first ten minutes of meeting them, we already know if we like them or not.

It’s not rocket science; it’s just regular old biological science. We know who we are and we know whom we like as people. There’s no going around this fact. Unfortunately, it’s common sense knowledge for any adult to realize that if people always acted out in honesty; we would all live in a chaotic world… But don’t we live in a crazy world already? So what’s the point of being fake with people? To get ahead in life? Right, because I want to disregard my own self by being fake towards a person I clearly don’t like. I suppose if you’ve come this far in reading this, then you’ve certainly gained a new perspective on life.

Forever in Your Debt,

         R.S. Noel

Political Games…Make for Interesting Gains?

Interesting gains? Yes, interesting gains, for those who play it correctly.

Political games make for interesting gains. The people are split on this topic, the people see despair in the system. They see their only hope in the system. But political games, after all, make for interesting gains.

Interesting gains? Yes, interesting gains for those who play it correctly.

When a politician makes $2 million dollars annually through a combination of his different “sponsors”, he’s made a gain. A gain, in this instance, does not mean a victory for the people. It does not mean a new legislation has passed that is in favor of the public’s interest. It means something entirely different. A gain, for a politician, means they’ve moved up the metaphorical ladder in their career.

Yes their career. After all, government is just another workplace.

What people, and even I, don’t fully understand, is the fact that these politicians gain interest only if they can survive long enough in the game. Because you see, if any politician doesn’t play by the rules, by their rules, they are easily replaceable. They are expandable, a throwaway, uninteresting, and a burden to the game. They must play, or else their whole livelihood goes down the drain like a hooker who’s tired of being used.

Don’t you understand?

This isn’t about you or me, this is about them. Unfortunately, it always has been.

So instead of relaying on these prostitutes to help us out when we’re in our most dire straits, why don’t we just leave them on the curve on the next corner, and start looking after each other? After all, political games make for interesting gains…

Forever in Your Debt,

          R.S. Noel

Open Letter to the Universe

So I say on this note, the many esoteric words no other human dares speak.

Hello world, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I wonder…why are there so many possibilities? I mean to say, there is an endless array of choices to choose from. There’s an endless list of items, destinations, and places I’ve yet to venture to – because, I’ve been so enraptured by the things I have already done and accomplished. There are many people who are less fortunate then me, and then, there are many other people who are more fortunate then us. I wonder, what is our lot in this life? To toil away for the rest of our days, to break our bodies down over time due to the natural progression of life? Certainly there is something more out there, or is there…?

Maybe it really is all about perspective. Of course, that’s how I’ve lived my life for the last three years.

But then, there are those moments. Ah yes, those moments of complete and utter bewilderment, confusion, and delusion. I begin to feel myself drifting off into nothingness, but oddly enough in that moment, I feel more connected with the world and the universe then I have ever felt before. In that moment of absolute and ultimate clarity, I see. I see what is and what was. I see the beauty of friendship and camaraderie grow like a wild rose in the plains of heaven. I see the injustice and cruelty of cold, callous hearts, and all of the injustices thrown onto the people of the world. I see the lines of society blur between the lines of humanness, for both better and worse. I see marriage between two souls forever intertwined in a moment of inescapable blessings. I see the mingling of darkness veiled within the expanse of light. I see truth, no matter the mood.

So I say on this note, the many esoteric words no other human dares speak.

Why are you so selfish? Why are you willingly allowing the world to change you. You should be changing the world, not the other way around. There are no excuses, there are no good reasons. You must steady your hand and stand tall for what you believe in. Take your convictions and grow a garden of life, not of evil. Don’t be afraid of the darkness either, for both light and dark create the equilibrium of life. Always remember however, to tread carefully.

Lest you get lost in the void of no-return…

Forever in Your Debt,

          R.S. Noel

What is a Writer?

Lights flash in a brilliance of disarray, as life passes us like a trace of forgotten fates.

What does it mean to be a Writer? A Writer is somebody who dares to think outside of the every-day box of our constructed life. A Writer is someone who goes the extra mile to suffer in the name of gaining new experiences. A Writer is a fearless soul who isn’t afraid to wonder aimlessly throughout the expanse of the world with only a dollar to his name. Living on the edge of life and death, constantly wondering whether he’ll eat tonight or see a familiar face in the next city he travels to. Someone who takes a chance, risks what little he owned in order to become something great; even if it was just to prove to himself that he could get out and survive in the world.

So what is a Writer?

Well, you and I are Writers. We live and breathe our life story even in the whispers of the corridors, cubicles, aisles of stocked food, and endless rows of merchandise. We are the unheard voice that rings out so silently and inaudibly, that not even a ghost hears our moment of untouched clarity.

Lights flash in a brilliance of disarray, as life passes us like a trace of forgotten fates.

But strangely enough, in the wide-sea of darkness and unfamiliar fears, there is always a small flickering hope hidden away. A wise woman once told me that I could find comfort in the most unlikely of places. Believe in yourself. That’s the only way you’ll ever find true happiness in life.

Forever in Your Debt,

      R.S. Noel