Pausing for just a moment’s anticipation, the mysterious woman’s voice harkened a deeper emotion from within the depths of her rooted anger, as she changed her tone dramatically. “Turn back now while you still have the gifted time to save yourself! Changing the future is not worth the insurmountable pain that will undoubtedly befall upon you as a dire consequence of your needless heroic actions.”

            Garbol gritted his teeth harshly as he glared with dark curiosity at the hooded woman in guarded protest. “Unveil yourself! Maybe then I will consider what you propose!”

             A small sinister chuckle was all Garbol received from her.

-Claris Ordiaus-

Chapter 1: Confrontational Encounters at the Secret Briefing

          As Claris made a sharp right turn at the end of the current hallway she was running through, she was momentarily shocked and felt herself slow down. A single soldier standing in her path whom had stopped walking appeared to look sideways at Claris at nearly the same moment.

          “You’re late.”

    “So are you.” Claris said with a calm and cool demeanor as she stared questionably at the man.

-Arviz Horisguard-

Chapter 3: Formality of a Lukewarm Veteran

      So as Arviz ran down the hill with focused eyes and a clear mind, he was instantly shocked to see something peculiar out of the corner of his eye.

          It was brief, yet it was there nevertheless. In the corner of his eye, he could see a mysterious woman veiled by a dark green mask and draped in an ivory colored robe standing afar from the narrow path that he was running along.

       With just one little distracting sight, Arviz tripped a little over a stray pebble beneath his feet as he now stumbled forward. He was caught off-guard as he rushed to maintain the lead position, but he clumsily moved with shoddy footwork.

          This was just enough for Rhea and Garbol to surpass him.

-Baslore Urus’don-

Chapter 9: Awakening in the Silent Night

         Baslore did not voice his thoughts into words as he sat there silently waiting for his cousin to go on further. Narien understood this gesture as she let out a heavy sigh. “I think it’s best if you understand what the people of Inur-Urksa are faced with now.” Looking slightly anxious, Narien began quite hastily now. “Your younger sister, she has come back to the village-.”

         Before Narien could even say anything else, Baslore cut into her words with an astonished look on his hollowed face. “My little sister-.”

        Narien looked somewhat pained as she looked away from Baslore Urus’don with eyes full of hidden sorrows and unknown complexities. “Baslore, you need to understand something right now. I don’t know how you remembered Lurina the last time you saw her, or even the last time you must have spoken to her, but she isn’t the same way you likely knew her. She’s rebellious and somewhat headstrong, especially with the current political unrest unravelling upon Inur-Urksa.”