About the Author

Coming from pure obscurity and subjective innocence; R.S. Noel, for the most part, grew up in a family of four. Throughout his life he’s lived through a vast array of different experiences which have helped him see the truth of the world for every single human who calls it home.

From growing up a normal child in a middle class family in America, to being kicked out and forced to live with his distant and compassionate-less father, to working two minimum-wage jobs just to make ends meet. To becoming a full-time college student, and finally, to finding his footing in the vast expanse of the world. There’s very little room for ignorance and leisure to take a hold of him. Life’s many struggles have taught R.S. Noel how sickened and cruel the world can be.

Yet life has also taught him one very special and important aspect of existing. That is: we all have the choice to get up every morning and make each day count towards not only ourselves, but for everyone that comes into contact with us. We all unknowingly make a difference in the world, no matter how small or large that difference may seem to us. We all touch lives everyday, and everyday is an experience that no one will ever be able to take away from you or him. This is our story, a story which spans countless lifetimes and forgotten memories. A story in which only you will experience and see to the end…