Week 12 – Week 18: A Nightmare-Come-True

UPDATE TIME ;D! – this post was originally written back around mid-February 2020, but a string of circumstances (which end good, I might add!), led me to put this on the back burner and forget about it entirely (OH NO, not again xD!). Anyways, I am barely just uploading this post as of 05/13/2020 (while we’re all in the midst of mass uncertainty with our jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Rest assured, I do have a job still (for now, who knows if I jump to another position) – but you’ll have a chance to catch up with my crazy (and also slightly adventurous) life story as I upload the subsequent weeks to follow!


With that said, role the tape!


Hello everyone! It’s R.S. Noel back again with a recap of week 12 thru week 18!

As an update, this is a series I started last year, and am just getting around to finally uploading it (lol). So Week 12 starts with the week of 11/25/19 – 12/01/19, Week 13 is 12/02/19 – 12/08/19, and so on.

The formatting for Week 12 through Week 18 will be different. I’ll be going seamlessly through each week without any structure to it. Because as you’ll soon find out, there simply was not any structure in those weeks.

The beginning of December, all the way up till mid-January – was a complete and utter nightmare.

Week 12 was the calm before the storm. Everything was smooth, but I had already started looking elsewhere. I knew my time at the temp-to-hire accounting position was coming to a close. I’ll get to that later down the post.

It was on week 13 where I found myself unemployed.

Now you’re probably wondering – “But R.S. Noel, you have rent to pay? You live by yourself, so there’s nobody else to fall on during such hard times.”

And to that, I say, “Thanks Captain Obvious! But I never give up, not even in the face of near-financial death!”

So my job hunt began around the start of December (yes, I know – no business hires in December unless it’s seasonal work or low-wage work).

Luckily for me, I began to create connections with accounting/finance recruiters. Unluckily for me, from Weeks 13 thru Week 18 I was unemployed. Yes, you read that right, for about 6 entire weeks, I was without steady work that paid (AND I wasn’t receiving unemployment insurance either)!

Needless to say, when I landed my current gig – I made sure it was with the RIGHT COMPANY, and not some large business full of people who smiled to my face, and stabbed me in the back ruthlessly while I wasn’t looking. And I also made sure I found a company that would have my work FULL-TIME, because working 20 hours a week at an accounting/finance type job is appalling to me. Either give me full-time, or don’t waste my time with your “business strategizing / downsizing.”

Because truth be told (and some of you might find this a bit irresponsible), I voluntarily stopped showing up at the job I lost in the beginning of December. The reason? The risk and reward ratio was not in-favor of the reward. I was steadily losing money through each week, since I still had to pay for gasoline to drive to the actual workplace (which was a 1-hour drive to get there). And on top of that, I had other living expenses that were tied to that job (such as eating more than a normal person, as I tend to stress eat). To top it all off, I was only working about 20-24 hours a week, and not to mention, the agency that put me into that position would take about 40% of my paycheck E.A.C.H. W.E.E.K.

Working in accounting/finance, you pay particularly close attention to your paycheck each week. So it was unfathomable that anyone would work for an agency that would take such a large pay-cut from your own paycheck. Granted, I took that opportunity back in October 2019 due to the fact that I was working in a VERY toxic accounting/finance environment before that. So I was desperate.

This time around, when I found myself unemployed at the beginning of December, I knew I would only accept an offer that I felt was “fair” in terms of compensation and also work environment (based off of reviews online of course, on websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.).

From week 13 thru week 21, the lesson I learned about life was monumental.

Firstly, don’t let your dreams die just because you’re “too busy/miserable” with your job. The second: don’t work for big companies for too long. Go in there, “do your time”, and be lucky to have them on your resume to show as “a badge of shame” to other small/medium sized businesses that already know, and somewhat sympathize, with what you’ve been through over the course of 1 year. And the third lesson I learned, was: don’t settle. NEVER SETTLE.

I don’t care if you have to pull out a personal loan with American Express for $3,500 (which is what I did since I was receiving absolutely no money from Week 12 through Week 18). You simply do not settle with a poisonous and toxic environment. It’ll do more damage to your health and your psyche than you initially assessed.

You become bitter; rotten. You become a shell of your former self. Unrecognizable to the naked eye, and pitiful to those around you.

Thus during week 13 thru week 15, I unplugged from the world – and allowed myself a proper vacation.

I worked out, ate moderately small portions of food, and took some time to decompress from the stress that I had accumulated over 1 year. It’s amazing how little large companies don’t give a shit about us. We’re really just numbers, no matter where we work. But especially at large companies, and there’s no amount of money that would ever convince me to work for a large business ever again. Not after what I’ve witnessed.

Because if you burn out, you won’t recover as fast as you would otherwise wish to. And that leads to a whole host of other issues. Namely, driving hazard to yourself and the other millions of drivers on the road. Also, you begin to resent society. You begin to hate people for no apparent reason. You begin to think you’d be better off dead.

That’s why, week 13 thru week 15 was such an immense time of healing for me. It was a time to allow myself to really get down to business – and I mean personal business. Not just worry about working for corporations.

Thus, I’ll jump ahead to week 18, when I started hearing back (consistently) from 2 recruiters.

I got a couple leads during Week 16 and Week 17 – but nothing tangible in terms of hearing back. It was always a lot of talking being exchanged over the phone for a couple days – and then…. complete silence.

That’s why I’m jumping to week 18 (which is 01/13/20 to 01/19/20).

It was on 01/14/20 when I finally received confirmation on a follow-up interview with the business that needed assistance ASAP.

At this point, I took the interview (knowing full well something was up).

And of course, there was a catch.

I would likely receive the position, but it was for a temporary job as an Accounts Receivable Specialist.

My stomach sank in my stomach. Temp jobs always seem to have more negatives then positives. For starters, your fellow “co-workers” always seem to be quiet around you because they know sooner than later, you won’t be there.

But I took the offer anyways, because my recruiter let me know that there was a possibility that it might transition over to full-time (which I knew was likely not going to happen after hearing the details behind the temp position).

So the following day on 01/15/20 I took the interview (we interviewed via Zoom), and I pretty much got the temp job within 10-11 minutes. Needless to say, for the small remaining time during Week 18 (01/13/20 – 01/19/20), I relaxed myself and also prepared mentally for the job; even if it was a temp job.

The next post will cover the end of January 2020 (01/20/20 – 01/31/20) and also the entirety of February 2020.

If you’ve made it this far into my post, THANK YOU xD! I can’t imagine anyone reading all of this; I’m treating it as an online diary where I can put my thoughts and emotions in a place where I can store them forever.

For the time being, I hope you have a good day and please continue to stay safe/clean out there while we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic!


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel



PHOTO CREDITS: https://spaceiq.com/blog/empty-office-space-ideas/

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