Week 6 through Week 11: Time of Immense Growth

Hello all; I hope your holiday season is one full of well-deserved respite and regeneration!

My absence from the blog has not been without success and has seen me continue to grow from my many different experiences – both in my personal life and in my professional one too.

With that said, I know I haven’t updated every week. And in some way, I’m kind of glad I haven’t. I’ll share with you all the happenings of my little life during week 6 through week 11 of my journal entry series. (This post is for the week 10/14/19 to 11/24/19)

As my adventure in life over the past 2 years has seen me through many twist and turns; from last year’s stint of working in Alaska for 1 month during fishing season (and successfully completing said-contract, even when I had gotten ill to the point of hallucination and complete exhaustion), to working 2 jobs – one as an academic tutor for junior high students and the other as a gas station attendant; to now working as an accounting specialist (with a cumulative of 9 months across 3 companies) – there is no end in sight to the amazing grace that not only God has provided me, but also the inner strength and determination inside of me.

My soul has burned brightly, even in the darkest of nights. My conviction has only strengthened, with a sheer-iron will. And I’ve gained a vast wealth of insight into accounting/finance knowledge. It’s allowed me to grow in ways I never knew possible. My time at the company I’ve worked for since mid-October has definitely been time well spent.

I’ll organize the last handful of weeks with bullet points to make it more seamless and organized. As a key, I’ve split each week into both “Professional life” and “Personal life”. So without further ado, let’s begin!


  • Week 6 (10/14/19 – 10/20/19): Professional life: Started my first full week of work at the new company. The usual onboarding, meeting coworkers, and gaining insight of position began during this time. I learned about the different clients we have, and also started strategizing for AR, AP, and Billing processing. Personal life: Continued with my endeavors on TikTok. Saw small successes, which was enough for me to still use it as a method of entertainment and sharing (more creative and fun rather than business-like. Which ironically, allowed me to start thinking outside the box – which is when I know I’m getting somewhere with whatever I’m working with).


  • Week 7 (10/21/19 -10/27/19): Professional life: Sending past due notices and account upkeep happened during this week. Usually, the end of the month is when we have time to send out reminders. Being that the team is somewhat small, and still growing, each week is designated with an allocated amount of time to complete certain tasks. For the first 2 weeks of the month, I work on both the billing specialist side of the business, as well as the AP side (I only do passthrus, which are bills I enter for different vendors). For the 3rd week, I continue to work on the AP side of the business, but also start with AR (with sending out past due notices and also analyzing accounts on the Detailed Aging Report to ensure any necessary updates are completed). Personal life: Admittedly, I used a lot of my free time on TikTok commenting on people’s videos. Also, I still uploaded regularly (1 video a day). I also checked up on my personal finances to re-allocate payments towards all the expenses in my life (i.e.: monthly rent, personal loan, auto loan, phone bill, food, etc.). Luckily my current job pays only $3,000 less a year (I make about $55,000/year at this company), so there weren’t a lot of adjustments that were needed.


  • Week 8 (10/28/19 – 11/03/19): Professional life: Started preparing for the first full billing period. Admittedly, extremely slow during this week, besides just past due notices being sent out, and catching up on any pass-thru bills or other tasks that we weren’t able to get to. Personal life: I was still active on TikTok, and also played a lot of video games (FFXIV Online) during this time since I wasn’t working full time during this week. Being that it’s a contract-to-hire position, I’m not categorized as a full-time, permanent employee.


  • Week 9 (11/04/19 – 11/10/19): Professional life: Very heavy week. I worked 39 hours, but it felt like I worked 60+ hours. This week flew by me, but it did familiarize me with the position in its entirety. So I definitely gained invaluable experience during this week, as it certainly set the tone for the rest of this contract-to-hire. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to transition to full-time. My manager made it apparent that the likelihood is very high; which I will explain in week 10. Personal life: Starting planning for some purchases I wanted to make during Black Friday (11/29/19). These purchases being related to my next move with TikTok. The item I’m working on getting is a drawing pad (think Huion, Wacon, etc.).


  • Week 10 (11/11/19 – 11/17/19): Professional life: Monday was a holiday, so for the weekend (11/09/19-11/11/19) I spent it at my parent’s house. Workwise, the company received funding of about $77 million dollars. Also, one of the corporate employees from Google (won’t say who) came to work for us! So, the future definitely looks bright for the company I’m working for, and moreover, I’m certain a small portion of the funding will be used to fund my position since they are also wanting to grow the finance department. Either way, work was more focused on all facets of the position (AR/AP/Billing). So this week was essentially a copy of the previous week in terms of workload. To sum it up, the week flew by me with the blink of an eye. But yet again, it’s prepared me for the position even more. This week was more of a cemented mindset, so at this point, I felt completely integrated into the workflow of the business’ needs. Personal life: Had a falling out with my older brother. It’s a long, complicated relationship – but essentially, I’m cutting all ties with him. It wasn’t as hard of a decision as I thought it would be, but in the end – I know deep down that he cares nothing about family, nothing about being compassionate, and is generally a weak-minded individually who doesn’t care about anything. For the longest time, his outlook on life influenced many of my decisions. But now that I’ve moved out of my parent’s house, and it’s been about 3 months of me living on my own – I’ve begun to regain my individuality again. Also, took it easier on TikTok, used it more for viewing and less for uploading/commenting. I definitely still grew my follower-base (to 18 total followers). But again, at this point in time, I’m only using it for entertainment purposes. As well, my conviction for drawing was beginning to grow even more.


  • Week 11 (11/18/19 – 11/24/19): Professional life: Took Monday off (for personal time off since the first 2 weeks were grueling, not to mention I spend about 2 hours total in traffic every day of the week). After that, I was able to just send past due reminders, focus on AR/AP, and cleaning up accounts. We reorganized how we do AR (more specifically, our collection’s process), so now there is more analysis involved; which makes it way more interesting than before! Also, we all attended the thanksgiving dinner which was a great time for bonding and getting to know my coworkers more. Personal life: Began watching Naruto (never seen it in my life), and I have to say, it’s a pretty good/funny series! Also, it has a lot of serious plot-lines as well. Either way will go through the entire series. It may take me a couple of months (since my only free time is on the weekends, and if I want to do side-business *starting on TikTok*, then I’ll have to divide more of my time to those endeavors).

With all of that said, I’m also looking at apartments near my current job. If I do get hired on as a full-time, permanent employee – I’ll definitely be moving closer. And the upside to that? I would be living by the beach! The range of areas I’m looking to are Manhattan Beach, CA, Pacific Palisades, CA, and Long Beach, CA. Either way, definitely am excited regardless of whatever the future has in store!

I’ll hopefully upload more timely moving forward with these journal entries. But again, I never promise I will since I know myself so well! Moving onto more important things; I hope you all have a good week leading into Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it), and also hope that you can use this time of the year to reflect and also to look forward to the future!


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

3 thoughts on “Week 6 through Week 11: Time of Immense Growth

  1. Hello. You once came by to check out my blog Jcphotog. I want to let you know I have changed the name to Jcrcomicarts but that is all as we cover the same content. I still cover videogames, manga and anime news only now I also do some my own art and comics to go with it.

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    1. Hi JCR Comic Arts xD! Sorry for the extremely late response, I’ve been busy working a boring accounting/office job lol. Anyways, thank you for the update and I truly hope you’re doing ok during these uncertain, and unprecedented, times!

      Forever in Your Debt,
      R.S. Noel

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