Week 5: Life Lessons and Plowing Through to the Future

Hello all; I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

This post is for the week of 10/07/19 – 10/13/19.

Definitely easing my way into the new position, and enjoying the people as well! Something I’m not used to is connecting with coworkers in a small team, as I’m usually part of large accounting/finance departments. So it’s nice to have a close-knit group of professionals. Probably the best part of the job? We don’t have any direct phone line! We communicate with the Account Managers of the clients in order to get payment remitted for past due amounts.

Also, my shift is from 9:00am PST to 5:30pm PST, which gives me enough time to work out in the morning at the beach!

Since where I work is right off the coastline, I’ll be making the most of my morning walking/jogging/running. Luckily, there are some outdoor showers I can rinse off really quick and get changed in the bathroom in business-casual attire (luckily I can finally wear normal clothes again, no more strict business attire)!

Aside from work, and onto other topics – I’m excited to get the other half of my shipment in later at the end of this month (which includes the other half of my “costume” I’ll be wearing for my social media marketing plan. I never thought managing a social media account could actually be this fun and enthralling)!

I’ll be posting mainly on TikTok for now (funny/light-hearted videos), and grow it to expand to include other social media platforms. I’m viewing this more like a fun project to do as a hobby, and I feel going in with this kind of a mindset has already created a stable foundation for the otherwise very serious business of marketing myself (well again, it’s not entirely “me”, but essentially it is). I figure, if Kim Kardashian can do it, well so can I…even if I’m not a beautiful woman, but who cares!? I can do it)!

With that said, this week was surprisingly nice for what should have otherwise been a chaotic and uncertain time period in my life. Transitioning from one workplace to another is never easy, but for me, I always know I’ll be working regardless of the type of career jobs I find. Because in the end, all that truly matters is that I continue to work towards my goal of working for myself and expanding/evolving that experience for myself. One day, it will become a reality – at this time in my life, it’s just a matter of how willing I am to put in the extra work. Knowing me though; once I start on a new and exciting journey – I never stop. Wherever this path may one day lead me to, is as good of a guess for me as it is for you.

I’ll end this post with another favorite quote of mine which I feel is befitting for this week’s transition:

“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.” -Brian Tracy


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


Photo credit: https://uwaterloo.ca/impact-stories/its-big-ocean

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