Week 3: Conflicting Career and Expanding the Experience

Hello everyone!

Last week was a long week, and rightly so, I was exhausted. Needless to say, this post is reflective of last week.

Here is a summary of what happened last week:

Began my media marketing campaign. Now that I started it, I’ll let you know what social media platform I’m using: TikTok. I have to say, I’m shocked at the results so far. The first 2 videos I uploaded each received over 400 views! Lately, it has been somewhat dry – but I have 2 followers and about 39 likes. Some days are good, and other days, not so fine. But that’s ok since I’m now getting a better idea of when to upload and at what times.

Here’s the hyperlink to view my profile – TikTok Profile

If you feel like supporting me there, feel free to spread the word!

With that aside, let me be completely honest about where I work. As the “honeymoon” phase as started to wane, I’ve begun to see the good, the bad, and the absolutely ugly. On the good side, the majority of my coworkers are nice to talk with from time to time. On the bad side, work can understandably be exhausting. On the ugly side, my manager is an utter nightmare. She accuses you of saying things you never said, accuses you of not doing enough work, and worst of all, expects you to know every single software and process.

Fortunately, I have other job offers, and I have long since let go of fear, so whenever an opportunity comes up – I’ll take it without question. Words cannot even begin to explain to you the level of unprofessionalism from the management level. I’ve worked in a corporate environment for the last 7 months, and I understand that with high-level corporate comes some expectation of chaos and unorganized leadership. After all, that’s the nature of corporate. It is full of so many different competing responsibilities and expectations.

Otherwise from that, my time outside of work has been enjoyable. I work out by running at the park near where I live. And conveniently, the park is right next to The Grove, which is a fancy mall, with a movie theater where I plan on seeing Ad Astra today since I called in sick (and I am sick – I just don’t want to waste today).

I’ve grown more confident, more ambitious, and more unapologetic in what I want. There really is no stopping me. The only obstacle in my way is myself at this point in life. I’ve made it far, and aim to make it even further.

With that said, I’ll end this post with another favorite quote. This one comes from the late Walt Disney: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” 


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


Photo Source: https://www.pursuegodnetwork.org/worship-leading-encouraging-spiritual-growth/


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