What I Did

It’s been a solid 8 months since I last updated my website.

So much has happened in that time span; that it’s felt like I’ve been away for nearly 2 years.

Rest assured, I’ve been busy with professional work, and also working on myself, during these last 8 months.

Admittedly, this journey of self-identification and actualization started when I worked in Alaska last year (2018) in June, for a fishery under the pretenses of a 1-month contract.

You might have known, or not known, that I’ve led quite the privileged life; ever since I was a child. That was before that one month of excrutiating work in Alaska. After that once-in-a-lifetime work experience; it had transformed me into a man unrecognizable.

Even today, I’m completely shocked at the inner strength within me, and the pure force I exuberate in a room. What I’m capable of, and what I can do; are quite fascinating and frightening upon self-reflection.

If there’s one thing I learned about myself during my time in Alaska; it’s that I don’t give up easily. And to be honest, I was tested like never before. In the end, my true grit shined through – and I learned what I was really made of. I was like a wild bull by the end of that contract; unyielding in my deterimation and fiery spirit to not only survive in this world; but to thrive.

Fast-foward to 2019, and here’s what’s happened as I’ve found myself re-integrating back into society:


Timeline for the Last 8 Months:

January: Working as an Academic Tutor nearly full-time for $15/hour (started in August 2018, about 3 weeks after coming back home from Alaska). Also working as a Cashier at local 7-Eleven on weekend (overnight shifts) for $13/hour (which I acquired at the end of October 2018).

February: Purchased a 2019 Toyota Hatchback (still drives like it’s brand new and I already have 10K miles on it! Hint: Due to my new current job’s location. But the mileage should be reduced thanks to me finding an apartment; that is also a bit on the pricy side, but again, will explain down the timeline).

March: Left my Academic Tutor and Cashier job for an Accounts Receivable Specialist position at a different company, that compensated a little bit better; (and by a little bit, I mean I was still paid $15.00/per hour…but it was a full-time position with A TON of overtime granted to us – so my paycheck was about $200-$300 more each paycheck – and now I was only having to work 1 job. I won’t go into detail about the company itself; but will say that I learned a lot about how corporate-level business is truly run and how “Corporate America” works like).

April: Birthday month – at this time, I was given a “mini-promotion” (with no raise), which gave me insight into more of the Accounts Receivable Analysis role. My supervisor and managers liked my work ethic and how I grasped basic concepts in accounting; so they entrusted me into the new team with high hopes.

May: Truly learned a lot of valuable skills from the Senior Accounts Receivable Manager, and I began to feel confident in an accounting/financing department at the corporate level. I learned a lot of new formulas and a lot of new corporate lingo (admittedly, some of the formulas were very similar to what I learned at my community college; it’s just that I was now able to use those formulas in a work-setting).

June: I was going full-throttle at the company; however, I was beginning to want MORE. I felt cheated for the sole purpose of not receiving a raise for the level of work requiered from the team I was a part of. (It was more work then what I’m even doing now at my newer position at a different company; more on that soon). Moreover, I wanted to learn more, earn more, and take on more responsibility. So my hunt for a similiar position at a different company began…

July: Thus, on July 8, 2019 – I was incredibly lucky to start working at a different company, for MORE THAN DOUBLE my salary at the company I was hired-on by in March. Let me give you an idea of what “more than double” meant for me: If I stayed at my “starter career” company, I would have made = $28,800/year. Now get ready for this. At where I currently work – same title of Accounts Receivable Specialist as well, mind you (with a tad more high-level “C-Suite” corporate responsibilities and meetings), I make = $58,000/year. I have no degree. This should be an indicator that anything is possible if you just set your mind to it, stick to your witts, and perservere through the tougher times.

August: I wish I could let you know about the company I work for, since they are globally known throughout the world. However, I won’t divulge the details; at least not at this point in my life. It should go without saying, that throughout July, they were grooming me – and two other new hires, on how to lead corporate meetings and how to calculate more in-depth actuals/estimates needed for the Accounts Receivable Specialist role. Though in name it was the same role as my previous corporate-level position, it has certainly given me even MORE insight into how a business is run, and also surprisingly, more on the human side of how to work-with tenants (since we deal with leases at were I work).


Fast-foward to the end of August.


What began as a small desire to obtain my independence as an adult, ended up being exactly what I wanted! So rare is that the reality for many people; but for me, it’s worked out fine for me (for the most part).

In fact, I’ll be moving out to my own space soon (on September 5, 2019)!

The entire complex was fully renovated in the last 4-6 months, and my studio is equipped with updated utlities, fixtures, bathroom, etc. In fact, it has a modernized stove-top as well as fridge and microwave. Rent (with all utlities included except for internet and cable), is = $1,500/month. The best part? My studio is only a 15-18 minute drive from my work! So I can save myself the heartache (*and headache) of having to drive 1.5 hours (each way) to work everyday!

Not to mention that everything (and I mean everything), is in-walking distance from my place! I can walk to the grocery store, pick up some new clothes at local thrift stores (that are admittedly over-priced, so I’ll be staying away from there, truth be told), and be home all within 30-35 minutes (if I walk the entire time). already calculated how much time I’ll be saving myself each month and I nearly threw-up.

I didn’t realize how much time people spent traveling in vehicles and traveling in general. It’s wasting away precious moments in our lives we’ll never get back; and that’s what I didn’t want for myself in the long run.


But I say all of this to let you know…that I’m doing more than just working at this corporate, multi-billion dollar company.

No, don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten what truly matters in this world and in our lives. I certainly haven’t let go of the passion for writing I have.

During the same time-period I just finished describing to you in-detail; is also the same time period I began to use some editing software to get closer to finishing my 1st book (genre: fiction) in a series.

More excitingly enough, I’ve also begun to create a year-long social media marketing scheme that will coincide with the eventual release of the first book.

That is where I believe I’ll end for today; for I feel that some things are better left unspoken in the grand scheme of life.

Just like the edge of a cliff, that leads to a secret cove deep below.

Or a hidden truth lost in a sea of unspoken lies.

Even through light do glipses of complete and utter darkness shine through.

For the end of two-decades worth of privileged suffering marks the beginning of a new and unforeseen opportunity of hard-earned struggling ahead…

This path I walk upon now is created by my own hands; and not by the judgment of another. I make my own personal decisions now, and that was in fact, the last ingredient missing in cultivating something far-beyond magical. To create a world that I can say proudly will let our children, and their children’s children, prosper with balance and passion in their lives.

For the path I walk upon now, is one of leaving behind a legacy to help those who come after…


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

2 thoughts on “What I Did

  1. You’re back! And I’m so happy to hear all of this from you. What an amazing journey you’ve had, and look how well it’s all turned out! I admire you so much for all your hard work and your ability to become so independent:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi mydangblog, i’m glad to be back! I read your latest post and enjoyed reading it (especially since you received a discount for your son’s parking at college; parking can be expensive anywhere nowadays)! I’m incredibly excited to move out this Thursday coming up, and purchased all the necessity items I’ll need (plus a little bit of awesome/quirky decorative items). I might get a medium sized fish tank too; but gotta check with landlord (via email or text message) to see if that’s a possibility. So excited to start all these different projects I have going on as well, it’ll be worthwhile throughout the whole process.

      Anyways, I’m glad to hear from you as well! I look forward to be a bit more active on here since I’ll be “going it alone” in life for a while.


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