Spring Break 2018!

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Hey everyone; R.S. Noel here! I hope you’re all having a good day so far; my day feels like a transitionary period – which is both scary and exciting at the same timeBut with that aside, I thought it would be a great time to mention some updates on my life and also what I’ll be doing in the coming months!

I don’t know exactly what I want to do for my Spring Break, but I do know that I want to somehow start working on me. (Easier said than done).

A couple of points I want to make before getting into this post!

  • Currently, I’m studying for my Accounting 102, Exam #3. The reason being, is that I have a grade of 81%. So I definitely need to pick up the pace. My other official percentages so far are: 94.2% for Economics 102, 88.9% for Business Communications, 100% for Accounting 121 (Advance Accounting Software), and 86% in Business Law I. 
  • I have no time for any leisure activities like writing or filming any YouTube videos. But once this semester is over – I’ll be focusing almost all my attention on my ASMR YouTube channel that I have created (and set-up the Ad-Sense for it as well).
  • I’ll periodically update my “personal” YouTube Channel: Click anywhere on this sentence to view it!
  • Unfortunately, I’ve had to halt any progress I made working on my W.I.P titled “Four Warriors of Light”. I’ve actually titled it differently, but I decided to keep that anonymous since I prefer to keep my writing projects relatively unknown (…for the most part)!
  • Starting in the summer, I will also be taking Business Calculus I (of II). I never imagined I could ever do university-level math; but since I took Statistics, and passed it; I know I could try the other different mathematics courses and see if I could understand those concepts as well!

I’ve realized that even if I do work part-time, I want to eventually work for myself. So what does that entail of? Well, for starters; I know I want to make an ASMR YouTube channel. After realizing that the health and wellness industry is in dire need of real people who care (and not just your everyday therapist who is there just to write down what you say; just to prescribe you some pills). 

I know that this is something that I can fulfill on the side. I’m ordering a microphone (and noise-filter as well), so that I can start making a small difference in people’s lives. Interestingly enough, I’m using another YouTube channel for that concept, and I’ve already set up the ground-work for it (in terms of Ad-Sense). Of course, with YouTube’s updated guidelines, I won’t be able to start making money until I hit 1,000 subscribers and also have 4,000 views, per month. But with that said, I feel like it really is meant to soothe people’s mentalities; and it is also therapeutic for me whenever I watch those types of videos!

On another note; I realized I’ll be getting my AS in Accounting at my community college and trying to find any office administrative job (hopefully an accounting clerk job), just so I can support myself financially and move out of my parent’s house. My older brother is actually moving out in about 4 months since he’s been working at the company he’s employed at; for about 11 years now. Not to mention that his job is unionized, he knows he’s secure enough to leave the house and start living in an apartment without worrying too-much about losing his job. Once I get some kind of steady job and start saving money; I’ll be joining him as well (since we already discussed it and agreed that this would be the best way of getting out of the house in a responsible manner).

I feel like once I do those things; it will motivate me even more to continue with my multiple YouTube channels. Eventually, I also want to make a YouTube channel for reviewing TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, and Anime. I have all these ideas, but I know for right now (since I have a full-plate), I need to focus on my education and networking (in the workforce).

Like I said though – one day, though it may be a pipe-dream; I want to work for myself. I can’t imagine working in a toxic environment for the rest of my life. (Because, let’s face it. Most “traditional” jobs require an element of inhumanity in order for the business to “function” at some level of successful operation).

In time, we’ll see what happens. So for now, I suppose my Spring Break will be comprised of studying and applying at office jobs!

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

4 thoughts on “Spring Break 2018!

  1. Congratulations on all of your exciting endeavors! It seems as though you are being super responsible and organized, so hopefully that eases some of the scariness. Good luck with everything!!! Be proud of your courage to try something new!

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    1. Thanks TheChandChronicles! I really enjoyed reading through your recent post on April 15th. I won’t divulge into details (because then we’ll be here all day), but I will say that I admire your ability to also share openly about your struggles in life. Knowing I dealt with my own personal demons for a long time, it can be refreshing to know that we’re not in this alone (no matter what it is that plagues us).

      Thank you as well for commenting, my favorite part of blogging is getting a chance to meet new people through WordPress’ network, and it feels great to gain insight and knowledge into different aspects of social life and personal life as well. Keep up the great blogging, and I look forward to hopefully speaking with you again in the future :).


  2. Wow. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful reply. I appreciate your commentary about my post. 🙂 And yes, there is something restorative and solacing about that commiseration.

    I, too, have really enjoyed insight and perspectives of other bloggers. Thank you for being a positive, proactive inspiration!


    1. No problem :)! Having dealt with some serious demons throughout my personal life, I know we all go through dark time periods in life. In fact (this might be getting a bit too personal); I just recently got out of one of my deeply depressive moods during Spring Break. For about 3 days, I didn’t really get out of my bed. But today, I felt a bit more lively and managed to take my dog out to play and was able to get back into the mindset of being content with my life and doing some things here and there (cleaning).

      Some days are harder than others for me, but I try my best (when I can, of course) to make the best of it. Even though I can have very difficult days, I’ve realized for me at least, as time goes on – I begin to let go of my depressive mood slowly and slowly. With every passing week, month, and year; I feel a little more willing to expand my horizon a bit more. Even if I’m not like a lot of other financially successful 20-something year olds; I can at least say that I don’t carry a lot of debt and that I make sound decisions whenever I make the few purchases I make in my life.

      Of course, I know I should already have a family at this point in my life (I’ll be 25 in about 3 days from today); but I have really gotten to a place in my life where I am content with what I have; and in which I am striving artistically to continue growing that feeling of artistry. I honor relations more than money, and I suppose that’s a downfall of myself. I know money isn’t all that bad, and I’ve come to also slowly change my relationship with money (as strange as that might sound).

      Anyways, now I’m just rambling haha. I want to thank you genuinely again for sharing your truth on WordPress’ network, and even though I may never get the chance to meet you in-person, I know you’re an amazing person either way :)! I always appreciate meeting (and re-meeting) a lot of people here on WordPress. Hope your day is going well so far too 🙂


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