Quick Update on Life!

Hey everyone, it’s R.S. Noel here with another obligatory post! I’ve been completely swamped with college related course-work and haven’t really had the time to sit down and write out a post without any distractions going on in my mind. Here’s a quick update on my official grades for the Winter Semester 2018 session: I received an “A” in Economics 102 (Macroeconomics), and I received an “A” in Accounting 120 (Computerized Accounting). The fact that it was just a single month-long semester, would certainly understate the fact of just how difficult it was to keep up with the assignments and also finding the time to study and do any extra credit work on the side. It was definitely taxing on me (no pun intended).

Now, here’s my schedule for Spring Semester 2018:

Accounting 102: Managerial Accounting

Business Administration 106: Business Written Communications

Business Administration 120: Business Law I

Economics 101: Microeconomics

Accounting 121: Advanced Computerized Accounting

With that said, being an Accounting and Computer/Information Science Major will be one of the more challenging parts of my life; without a single doubt in my mind. Accounting by itself is hard enough (from what people say, of course. But I beg to differ. If you’re dedicated enough, anything’s possible). But to add insult to injury, I’ll also have to take classes for my CS/IS major such as: Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Mathematics, and Computational Mathematics. Of course, I can very well just decide to Minor in CS/IS and Major in Accounting; so I can bypass most of that. Who knows, I might very well do that to save me the headache.

Otherwise, I’m doing good. For this entire week that I have off, I’ve been reviewing the material from Accounting 101 “Financial Accounting”, and also reading my Business Administration 120 – “Business Law” book. With that said, this semester will likely be one of the more challenging semesters – but after I’m done with these classes, I’ll have a “gap year” between when I transfer from my current community college and the 4-year university I’ll be attending in 2019.

I decided to take a year off so I can work 2 (maybe even 3 jobs – the 3rd being YouTube! If you haven’t checked out my channel yet, I post reviews on Netflix shows, movies, and also analyze different current events).

Anyways, I’ll be saving up as much money as I can possible. Of course, I also have about $5,000 of debt to pay off as well (spread out *unevenly* between 2 credit cards). I’ll be focused on that first (obviously haha), and then I’ll be working to purely save for when I transfer. I plan on staying either near-campus or on-campus. Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m going to a cal state university. I have a Transfer-Degree with this particular cal state university (a contract essentially). So I’ve fulfilled my part of the bargain, and now I get priority registration. My current GPA is 3.514, so with the spring semester, I’m hoping I get at least a GPA of 3.6.

Anyways, like I was saying, I’m hoping to dorm with whoever I can near-campus, since it’ll only be about $600-$900 dollars (split between 2 people, so that would come out to a total of either $1,200 or $1,800). If I dorm with 3 people, I could split those numbers yet again; so it would be about $400-$600 per person. And of course, if I dorm with 3 other guys, that would be $300-$450 per person. Ideally though, I would just like to dorm with only 1 other guy (maybe 2 total, but nothing higher than that). Basically, I want to be able to have more privacy and leeway to come in later than usual due to the nature of difficulty with Accounting and Computer/Information Science. I know I’ll be up all-day and all-night studying away.

Not to mention, I know I’ll be getting my Masters in Tax Accounting. Being that it is in high-demand for at least the next 2 decades, I know it’s an avenue I’d like to explore so that I can have some comfort in my potential job prospects in the future. It would also be cool if I could file people’s taxes. It doesn’t pay big, but it’s definitely something I would do on the side to help alleviate the stress of “tax season” starting as early as October and ending on April 15 (in the U.S. of course, admittedly; I don’t think it works exactly the same in every single country).

Well anyways, I’ll definitely try and make the best of 2018 and half of 2019. I know these months will be the last time I can really hang out with friends and enjoy the company of my family. For the last 2 years, I’ve been hanging out periodically with my best friend Zach, and it’ll be somewhat sad to have to say goodbye to him for this period of my life. Being that I’ll be driving exponentially less than I do now, I’ll have to make sure I hang out with him; and my older brother as well, as much as I can.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I really hope everyone here in WordPress’ network has been having a good year so far as well. I’m sorry I can’t really have a regular posting schedule, but I’ll definitely be more free after this spring semester coming up.

As for the potential jobs I’m hoping to do for the entire year I have off from college; I’m hoping to work in a small/medium office where I can do bookkeeping using accounting software like QuickBooks, Peach Tree, and/or Great Plains. Being that I’m somewhat proficient now in QuickBooks, I can only hope I can emulate the same success in the spring semester with Peach Tree and Great Plains. Or, if that doesn’t work out, I’m hoping to work at Costco as a stocker, or something along that line. I also hope to be able to continue tutoring at my community college.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention I’ll be taking Business Calculus sometime during the year I have off. I’ll be taking it at another community college though, so I’ll have to transfer that future grade to my current community college before I send out my official transcripts to the cal state university I’ll be attending.

Well, that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to lately! I’d like to hear how you guys are doing, so never feel shy or weary of leaving a comment here on the post! Thank you again to all of my followers who have stuck with me (even though I know I don’t post all that much right now). I promise to make it up one day with all of the book ideas I’ve written out over the course of my life. Thank you again, and I’ll speak with you soon!


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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18 thoughts on “Quick Update on Life!

    1. Thank you xD, this last month when I was taking 2 classes in 5 weeks, I didn’t take any time for myself. But strangely enough, I enjoyed losing myself in the work I was doing and the content I was studying for. Of course though, doing that for prolonged periods of time isn’t healthy for any human being. It’s a dangerous feeling, and I know I need to recuperate after the spring semester. But for now, I feel like I’m in full throttle mode. I have to take melatonin just to go to sleep too; I often find myself thinking during the dead of night; or watching Netflix / Amazon Prime on my phone. Last night, I went to bed around 3:47 a.m. But for some reason, it’s like an adrenaline rush. One of my professors told me though; that everyone had a moment of “crashing”. So I hope I don’t get that moment during my spring semester; it wouldn’t do me any good lol.

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  1. Good luck .. I’ll root for you. I did my undergrad in accounting and was working in the big fours .. Tax planning.. in India .. was working on jurisdiction analysis, company incorporation, M & A, transfer pricing .. all related to tax law. This was in India.

    Then I moved to US. I did my MS in Taxation. Unfortunately I have dyslexia, discalculia and ADHD. I got overwhelmed and the anxiety ruined my performance at quizzes & exams. I had to travel far for college and I was working jobs to put myself through college hardly slept 3 hrs every night. Was isolated from friends and family because of all this. I ended up with a 3.1 GPA. While most had a 3.75 – 4.0

    It was tough for me to get a job. I got two jobs but I lost both because I need a work permit to work here in US and I couldn’t get one because of the lottery system.

    Also, here all public accounting firms require you to have a CPA. But I was too overwhelmed to get one. Tired, exhausted and disappointed. Corporate jobs required public accounting experience.

    Problem is the system is totally different here. I cannot get into corporate tax planning directly. I am good at law and planning. Here we have to start with compliance. Personal tax, partnerships etc. Not my strong suit. Compliance gives me anxiety due to dyslexia & discalculia. I have math phobia. I wanted to pursue MBA because I love business side but I have to take standardized tests like GMAT/GRE and need a good resume to get into good B Schools. Math is not at all my strong suit and even basic math gives me anxiety. Numbers are just jumbles. I was worse when I was younger.

    So now I am changing my career. I am pursuing MA in education (Special Needs) .. courses start in September. I am currently preparing for CBEST.. it’s a piece of cake except for math.. am working hard. Currently working as a teaching assistant to save money for tuition.

    I’ve always dreamt of becoming a teacher since I was a kid. My grandparents were professors at highly reputed institutions back home and my mom and all my aunts are teachers.

    My goal is to one day pursue my PhD in Autism & Developmental Disorder. Work for the education department and be an advocate. Be a social entrepreneur as a side hustle.

    I know my dreams and goals are too big considering my situation but I sincerely pray I do well in school this time and not get overwhelmed or have anxiety and panic attacks. I hope I get good grades. I am praying hard that things go well for me this time and I finally have a successful career instead of just odd jobs. I want to make lives so much better for troubled children and those with issues to give them a fair shot in life and create opportunities for them. Advocate for them .. fight for them and root for them. I want this so so bad. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping things would work out.

    Again good luck to you and my best wishes.

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    1. Wow, this comment is amazing! I’m so sorry to hear that accounting didn’t work out. I understand the pressure of equations and calculations. Even though I never had the fear of numbers, I have to admit that I once hated math for no particular reason other than the pure fact that I hated doing work. Believe it or not, I was incredibly lazy back then. I wasn’t motivated by anything in life or this world. I had (and still have) it relatively easy when compared to many other people out there who don’t have parents or family/friends to help them through (financially speaking). Times are incredibly difficult, and some days I am in awe of the fact that we’re all still here and breathing.

      Going back to your situation; in some ways, I can completely understand what you’re saying. One of the CPA accountants in my computerized accounting class (taken during winter semester), told me that he hardly ever got any sleep during his undergraduate and that he also had moments of high-anxiety. Being that I am a bit older (24 years old), I feel that the advantage I have over younger people (18 years – 22 years) is that I can handle pressure and anxiety only slightly better due to the fact that I went through extreme phases of depression and anxiety in my early life. I came out of those days a stronger and more capable human being; and more so, I can still handle the depression whenever it rears it’s ugly head.

      That time period of my life made me realize, also, that we’re all created slightly differently. And that’s a good thing, because we need different personality types to maneuver through the vast complexities of life. I have become humbled by the fact that I must work with all sorts of different people in whatever industry / personal work I traverse through in the remainder of my life.

      I’m glad to hear that you’ve bounced back from your tough times and have begun to attempt to try a new route in academia and life as well. You’re definitely brave for taking that leap of faith in a different field of study, and I commend you for that. From the conversations that we’ve had in the past, I can tell that you’re very aware of the environment we all live in, and also, the current issues nobody else really is taking a look at. I hope you make it as a teacher/professor one day, so that you can make an impact in the lives you connect with in the time we all spend here on Earth. I also hope to meet you some day, you seem like a really great person to be around and I’d like to have a more person-to-person conversation with you. Maybe I can come out to speak with you one day after this college experience is over for me? It’s probably very likely I will be able to. You certainly have a lot of knowledge, and I would be surprised if our path’s never crossed even once in real life :)!


    1. Just checked out a small piece of it via Amazon, and also read some reviews of it. Looks like I found the book i’ll be reading this summer :)! Thank you for the recommendation, looking forward to broadening my horizon with this book!

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    1. Thanks Samsaric :). I definitely know it’ll be a bit of a longer road, since I also need to get my CPA for Accounting purposes. There’s no doubt that I’ll need help along the line; hopefully I can also help those who come after me too. The cycle of life truly does exist :D!

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  2. Wow–this post is packed with so much good stuff. I’m continually impressed with you and how hard you work, not to mention how capable you are. I wish you all good things as the year moves on–make sure you update us regularly!

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    1. Will do :). I’ll likely also be entering a lot of writing contests as well throughout the year I have off (after Spring Semester is over). I don’t know why I suddenly got so interested in the concept of entering a writing contest, but it’s been on my mind for at least the last couple of days or so. Something to look forward to I suppose lol.

      Anyways, I’m glad to hear from you as well my dear internet friend! I always enjoy knowing you’re still around and reading what you have to say. I hope your family is doing well, and I hope your son is also doing well in life! I’ll likely be updating this website/blog only every Saturday or Sunday for the next 3 months. Admittedly, I’ll be primarily focusing on also finding some kind of office job that needs a bookkeeper who knows how to utilize accounting software. That’s my goal for the year I have off at any rate. Also, finishing my Business Calculus class as well, but that’ll be easy to do on the side.

      Haha, I’ve spoken too much now. I hope to speak with you again soon, your presence and existence is much appreciated here :)!

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      1. Do they usually notify via email? Just out of curiosity lol; I don’t want to be alarmed if they leave like some kind of automated message on my cellphone xD


    1. Thank you :)! I wish I didn’t have that debt; but once I get rid of it; I’m making a small “cushion” of cash just in case for a rainy day lol. I mean, I wouldn’t mind traveling maybe at least once between this year and the middle of next year. I wouldn’t mind going to somewhere in the east coast of the U.S. Not really sure which stare; but I was thinking either New York City (NY), Washington D.C., or maybe even somewhere in Orlando (FL). I wonder how cheap I could get that trip to be lol. But, in due time. Right now, it’s work hard and then play hard later.

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      1. I agree with you – I, too, have a cushion … you never know in this life what to expect. You are wise beyond your years. My mom encouraged me to build a nest egg and I am glad I followed her advice as I get older and near retirement age.
        I think Trip Advisor gives good ideas on travel packages … that is what I heard.
        I’ve not been to the East Coast, except for NY and spent a week there in 1976 – I was in the National Model United Nations at the community college I attended. It was fun and we extended our visit as the six of us wanted to see the City. I would like to see the sights in Maine, Massachusetts both in the Summer and at peak color time … one day. Never to early to make a bucket list.

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      2. Nice, that sounds like a really good time you had in 1976! Those are the kinds of moments that are worth experiencing in life, you gain a broader perspective and go through so many different things.

        That seems like it would be a good time, especially during Spring time! I agree that there really is no better time to make a bucket list than now!

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