Explaining Why Society is Broken (Part I)

Today’s post is going to be rather lengthy! It’s just a collection of thoughts I’ve had over the course of the last couple of days.

Society is complex. No matter where you go; society plays a role in your life just as it does in anyone else’s life.  All of our work (and lack thereof; as well) effects us in ways we can’t even begin to rationalize on a grandeur scale. No matter how isolated you may feel, or how alone you think you are; you have some interaction and connection to the outside world. Your mere existence has the very weight of an entire army. Your very ideologies, dreams, fears, and emotions can just as swiftly create heaven-on-Earth or an eternal hell-fire of unstoppable fury. We are each responsible for our own existence; and whether we like it or not, we are also share the responsibility of our family and close-friends as well.

There are times when I go in-and-out of my own existence. These moments are usually met with a sense of cold disbelief and an adrenaline rush of unknown excitement. I realize, in these moments of solidarity, that everything can change within the grasp of a millisecond.

It’s within these moments that I wonder to myself what each day will bring for me. Even though I may be living in the moment during the day, I realize that anything can happen. I realize that my life, your life, and everyone else’s life, can be altered forevermore by any random number of events that we are vastly unware of. The future is not for us to know with concrete knowledge, and yet, that’s what makes life worth living after all. To understand that there are some variables in life that you may never have full control over.

in these moments of realization; I wonder, how many human beings are experiencing these moments of sudden change? I wonder if they realize that even though they think they’re alone; that I am thinking of them. Even though I have no clue who they are, I am thinking of the pains, the horrors, and the unspoken truths that they are going through. I am thinking of the reality of their lives, and the fact of the matter that we’re all in this struggle together on an unseen level of connection and brotherhood.

In truth, society shapes who we are as people; molds us into whatever moral codes exist for that time period in said-society; and in many ways, it helps us to better understand why we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Because in truth, are those mistakes truly mistakes? Or are those mistakes merely necessary parts of an ever-growing and ever-changing entity known as society

To begin, I will describe what makes humans such a special and unique creature on Earth. Humans have always found a way to communicate with each other in astounding manners. We have evolved to become in-tune with our senses and gut instincts. In some strange way, society is both a blessing and a curse. It is both a heavenly gift and a necessary evil. For the collective, it helps to maintain the illusion of peace-and-order. It helps to alleviate any such potential outside threats that may otherwise harm “the group” (community).

We must realize as the majority of working-class people, that the very-wealthy people amidst our society do not live in the same society as ours. They live in a society which grants them privileges and access to opportunities which the working-class will likely never see in their lifetime (or even their children’s lifetime). They have money to invest in land, corporations, and bonds. They have the means of sustaining their entire families off the backs of billions of people who work daily for a paycheck. The truth is, that is how the system was cretaed. There is no other way around it; unless you yourself amass a fortune through your own means of networking and investing with real, hard-earned, money. That is why there is a separation in society. A separation between the have’s and the have not’s. It’s the unspoken truth; like so many unspoken truths in our society; it never truly exists in the social circles of many common people’s conversations.

Of course, the more “extroverted” and “sociable” you are, the more connections you’ll have with more people. But for one reason or another, the more “introverted” and “reserved” you are; the more likely it is that you’ll have deeper relations with the few people who do populate your life.

On an individual level, however, society isn’t all that good for us. Often times, it can drain our energy-levels, leave us feeling unworthy, and more times than naught; make us feel inadequate and as if we will never amount to the expectations placed upon us. Of course, even though we may not always realize it, those unrealistic expectations (or goals) certainly sharpen our sense of intelligence and intuition. It makes us aware of our own  thoughts, our own emotions. It makes us aware of how we should behave when we aren’t feeling so civilized in our depression, anger, sadness, angst, or any other host of emotions you may feel throughout your daily life.

It helps us to refine our focus on what matters the most in life; and that is our family and any hobbies we enjoy to partake in whenever we have the chance to appreciate the very delicacy of existence. 

I think, on a more personal level, I’ve come to realize why the modern “1st world” countries find society so “toxic”. It’s because we’ve forgotten what it means to be a part of a true community. To sacrifice our time and wellbeing for others; that’s something we are effectively cutting out of our young people’s minds.

A lot of the times, we think of society as this ambiguous and ominous entity in which we feel it all around you, but cannot actually see the invisible ties that connect you to everyone else. It’s that part of our human existence that simply “exists” without any further explanation. In some regard, it’s akin to the “elephant-in-the-room” euphemism. We know that it exists, we know society’s effects are ever-present in our present and future life, yet we as a collective have decided to leave this subject alone like the homeless person we see on our everyday commute to work or school.

It’s such a strange occurrence to me, that I’ve began to see things I once never thought possible. I begin to see the human side of everyone, and have begun to realize that social constructs, for better and for worse, are not working as effectively as they once did before. This is both a good thing, and a very, very bad thing. The reason why this is good, is because the force of creativity and the illusion of freedom are once again claimed by the individual. We as individual people have once again rediscovered what it means to be human and how our life affects our loved ones, our peers, our co-workers, and our acquaintances. We begin to understand our needs and wants; our wishes and true desires.

The reason why it can be seen as a bad thing; is because realistically – we really don’t have enough resources for everyone to sustain the world for the long-term. The issue that brought along this problem is the fact that we as human beings are wired to procreate in a quickly evolving society which now has medicine and preventative ways for all of us to live longer. Ideally, humans (in 1st world countries) should have adjusted to this reality. But they didn’t, and that’s why our unemployment rates are so incredibly high. With the creation of technology and automation, we don’t need as many human beings working as previously. Of course, one should never put their full worth in their work, but let’s face the facts of reality; we all need some form of money in order to survive in our society. And for most people (if not all), the way in which we garner money is through work.

For those who say money is evil, I sympathize and can relate. But again, we must face the facts: there must always be a way of bartering and exchanging goods and services. We simply cannot expect to give everyone free “handouts”. Of course, I would also say that the conditions in the workplace are continuously eroding as well. From my own personal experience; my current place of employment is incredibly toxic and horrible. But truth be told, I’m not there to make friends. I’m there to get a paycheck to sustain myself.

Like everything else in life, everything is good in moderation. We must remind ourselves; from time to time, that being too invested in one’s own special interests can only ever lead to both greedy success and equal disaster. Success is undoubtedly a good thing, but we cannot be blind and pretend that it also creates room for disaster. It creates the opportunity for yet more successful people to “opt-out” of society whenever it so benefits them to do so. That’s why we must remind our people, our fellow human beings, the vast importance of fostering a community within realistic boundaries. After all, we cannot all be rich; so we must work on getting the society we so-earned through our hard-work to the big corporations and small businesses.

If your whole world view is seen through just your own experience alone, you begin to forget how to relate to other people around you. You begin to feel yourself going numb to the experience of everyday life. And for the most part, I can understand why some people may want to feel like this. It’s simply just a way of blocking out the everyday struggles of out work life, or our home life.

I’ve come to find that society functions at its best when everyone has some role to fulfill. Because when everyone has a role to fill, then, and only then, will society begin to function properly. Unfortunately, we have given that “role” function away to other countries.

This leads me into the next segment of this article: Globalization.

Globalization has been quite an important topic being discussed in all forms of media and entertainment. Collectively, globalism seems like such a great idea. But economically speaking, globalization cuts-out a lot of opportunities for people to further advance their communities and cultures.

Globalization, in essence, makes everything “corporate” in nature; as it tends to leave out the human part of our existence. 

There are pros to globalization as well, but in truth – if we really cared about our neighborhing countries and also our own country, we would realize that it’s better to let the majority of the countries rule their lands naturally. In some way, we would see more violence erupt; but then again, life is all about balance. We cannot have our cake and eat it to, and in a lot of ways, first-world countries have taken a paternal role for a lot of the still “developing” countries. Developing countries which would have certainly been fine if we never intervened.

Ironically, a lot of proponents who are “for” globalization, state that we have gifted the other “less-fortunate” countries with advance medicine and technology. But truth be told, all of that stuff just ends up complicating their societies and environments. It begins to create new problems, new ailments, and never-before-seen unrest. Countries are meant to be independent from one another for a reason.

If you look through the pages of history, you will most-definitely find that humans are a social being. We are also a very competitive, lively, and sometimes very cruel being as well. But that’s what makes us human. That’s what makes life filled with unknown variables and uncertain fates. It’s what makes it such a thrill. That’s why, in many regards; not all countries “survived” in the ancient world. They were either taken-over by neighboring nations, or the people of said-country turned on their own government (or ruling class) if they felt that those in positions of power weren’t doing enough to at least meet the basic needs for human existence.

I suppose I can go on, and on, but I believe this is the best place to stop. The very fabric of our reality is quite interesting when you actually find some small time out of your day to really sit down and think about it. I suppose there’s a countless array of topics we could all discuss, but for now, now’s a good time to end this post.

Thank you to all of my returning and new readers, I always enjoy seeing how you’re all doing and reading the comments you leave me. It certainly fills my day with some semblance of color, and reminds me why I’m even blogging during my small spare time. It fulfills a part of me that would otherwise go unchecked. 

Till next time we speak~

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


6 thoughts on “Explaining Why Society is Broken (Part I)

  1. I think that’s the most interesting thing about being human–that we have constant debates over whether or not we’re doing enough for our fellow humans. Animals just do or don’t–they don’t have a social construct or philosophy about it. I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing either way. Also, I’m sorry you hate your job–hopefully, it’s just a stepping stone to something better:-) Thanks for making me think, as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s alright, I was able to find a tutoring job at my school for Accounting and one for Economics. I’ll be able to set appointments with the students whenever their available and whenever I can work them into my college schedule. So I already put my 2-week notice in at my place of employment. We always ran out of items (all types of items: the merchandise, the cleaning supplies, etc.). It was a messy place lol. Definitely won’t miss it at all.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I’m so glad! My own son had to work at an auto parts factory last summer to make money for school–it was awful. I’ve got my fingers crossed that he gets an internship this year. I’m sure you’ll be an excellent tutor!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh man, I had a cousin who worked in a factory (shipping and receiving materials for aerospace industry). From what he told me, it was definitely a nightmare. I hope your son does find an internship. Working in an office (though political, like any workplace) is way better than exerting himself physically and potentially having problems down the road with his body. My father is facing such realities (he’s got 2 more years to retire). He is an over-night manager at a local supermarket doing shipping and receiving. It certainly has effected him in countless ways. He can’t really run, and he has to utilize physical therapy to ease out the pains he feels in his body.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a combination of two lives in our daily existence. There’s a part of us that truly does thrive from society and from all of the challenges/obstacles it brings our way (whether we like it or not); and then there’s the part that seeks out a life full of real world obstacles and survival (like our ancestors experienced long ago). Man and nature will forever be intertwined; no matter how much technology changes in our lives.

      Furthermore, most people aren’t truly in control of their lives. Most of us live by the authority of others; whether we realize this fact or not. This piece was more of a venting of frustration than anything else. It felt good to get these thoughts out on my blog. I often operate in a very “mechanical” manner (which ironically, I prefer most of the times). But like I said before, there are those moments…


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