A Truth Unspoken

Hey everyone, it’s R.S. Noel here hoping you had a fantastic New Year’s Day! Just a couple of small updates before today’s post (or re-post as it were). I’ll be in school throughout January and the first week of February taking my Economics 102 class and my Accounting 120 course as well. The winter semester begins on January 8th and ends on February 8th. It’ll be an intensive 1-month long semester (but I’ve done it 3 times before, twice during the winter semester, and once in the summer semester). Moreover, I’ll be working only weekends at my job – so that time will likely be when I get to upload some of my newer posts. For now, however, I should still be able to upload at least 2-4 posts a week (depending on the severity of the projects in college and what not).

And if you haven’t already checked out my revamped YouTube channel, here’s a link to view some of my recent uploads (I mainly upload compilations of funny videos on the internet, so if you’re in need of a good ol’ laugh, come check it out :).

With that stated, I wanted to share this post I had uploaded a while back. I decided to repost it because I felt like it was relevant to the times we live in. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!:


I feel myself steadily slipping into the abyss of life. It’s a great feeling really, I feel as though I’ve finally begun to see people for who they really are; for both the positives and negatives. It’s as though there’s a whole other world out there with endless possibilities, yet it’s a hidden realm. For the reality of our lives, are that we’re faced with adversity and obstacles at every turn. It’s a world riddled with riddles and marred with the inevitability of the world’s reality.

You see, there are numerous ways a person’s day could go. The probability that it could all end today is a very real reality. Yet that’s what makes life so enticing and enthralling, the rush and thrill of the chase, of the unknown variables lurking and hiding just beyond the bend. It’s one of the greatest things about life. There’s a sort of maddening sense of things to come, yet nothing ever does come. It’s a feeling of a new day arriving, and it fact, that new day does finally arrive – but not the way you would have expected it to.

There are times in which I wonder if life really is all about the small details. Perhaps it is, perhaps I’ve been living life all-wrong. I’ve always looked for the bigger picture, the grand opportunity to grasp a hold of something in which I know very well could be out of my humanly grasp. Yet I reach out to it nevertheless; knowing full well the risks and possibilities of it all coming down. 

Should we pick the pieces up? The pieces of our silently broken lives? Or, should we recreate a new self, in which we can try and attempt to fill the void of nothingness with senseless materialistic items which will never satisfy our true wants and needs in life. Of course I can go on and on, but I think it’s better to just assume that there are worse fates out there. Fates in which people must face their lives with humiliation and defeat, fates in which there are no possibilities for hope to grow again. It’s both a beautiful and cruel world. When one looks closer upon a second glance, they see the world for the first time ever.

So I’ll end with this: whatever you decide to do with your life, do it with full knowledge that you’re taking a leap of faith in risking it all. Do it wholeheartedly, and know that you won’t come out of this unscathed. Life has too many variables to consider after all, but if you consider them for too long, you’ll never get to living life.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

5 thoughts on “A Truth Unspoken

  1. Very thoughtful piece … good luck with your studies. I have a friend, same age as me (61) who recently embarked on a Masters Degree in Gerontology … she completed her first Masters Degree in Social Work in the late 70s and never got a job in that field. She tells me what university is like now, versus what we endured when we were in school back in the late 70s. I also graduated from university in 1979 (print journalism) … everything is online (Blackboard) and meet-ups with class, preparing PowerPoints slideshows with classmates and viewing videos online – nothing like we remembered from before, taking notes in ancient lecture halls – the times are changing. You’re ambitious – ambitious is good. Happy New Year. I am behind in everything – my boss is in South Africa on vacation until 01/14 and had a lot of stuff to do before he left on Saturday – still catching up with my own stuff. 🙂

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    1. Interesting read about your life, I completely agree the times have changed drastically from the span of each single generation for the last 2 centuries. It’s incredible how classes are taught now; I have an online class in the spring and there were no other options for that class. I agree even with resources in college; everything is done online (using software like Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle). Being that I’ve taken a couple history classes; I am truly shocked at how much we have advanced technologically in the last couple centuries. Moreover, I respect that your friend went back to school to get her Masters Degree in Social Work. I plan to do the same with accounting. My Major is Accounting (with a Minor in Computer Systems and Software). It’s fascinating to say the least. Also, I hope you get to catch up on your work for your boss before he gets back; I have faith you will though. Thank you for commenting as well; I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I would have never known you were 61 years old. You’re definitely a lot cooler than my grandparents lol. They don’t even know how to use many of the technologies we have in today’s world. And I garner my ambition from thinking of those people in the world who don’t get the same opportunity as me and the other college students who are striving for a higher education and better understanding of the world we live in. Thank you very much for your kind words as well; I hope you had an awesome New Year’s Eve :)!

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      1. I have a friend I met while walking who is an ex-nun, just turned 75 years old, and was an elementary school teacher until retiring at age 72. She volunteers at a soup kitchen in Detroit every Monday and is taking a class at a local community college to learn Spanish as many of the people at the soup kitchen (workers and people coming in for food as well, are Mexican and speak no English). Sometimes I think I need to step up my game and learn a few new things as well … baby steps for now.

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