Music Monday! – The Adventure of a Lifetime

Hello everyone, R.S. Noel here with another Music Monday! post. Today, I’ll be sharing with you another music soundtrack that really gets my creative forces flowing. This one harkens a sort of Chinese New Year inspired-theme in me; one filled with adrenaline, the rush of new beginnings, and a sort of unknown uncertainty that captivates the soul and mind with a relentlessness, unbounded. I remember when I was 12 years old, and I had a friend who was a first-generation American; but who’s family had emigrated from China in hopes of finding new opportunity (which they did, as they began to successfully open a chain of drug/liquor-stores). His American name was Henry.

One day in January of my Freshmen year of high school, I remember my friends and I seeing him holding a red envelop. He explained to us briefly what Chinese New Years was all about; and why he was holding that red envelop. Inside of it, was money for good luck. The elderly would gift the young with some form of small (or large) compensation. Almost like a one-time deal every year.

In return, the young would be expected to spend that money wisely. Think of it like an “investment” into the future generation.

Some Chinese families of course, aren’t so strict on this concept. They might just give the children some money without much expectation. But traditionally, that money was meant to be invested towards something of value in the “real world”. 

At any rate; here’s the soundtrack. As usual, I highly recommend using headphones so that you can hear every instrument being played. And also, to make sure nobody around you hears the music. It’s not your typical mainstream one-hit-wonder after all. (Click me to listen to the soundtrack!)

Assuming you’re listening to the music now, I’ll now describe what I imagine when I listen to this track. The following is an “shortened” excerpt from my progress-in-work titled “Arkanim: Tales of the Fated Souls”:

A thrill; a rush of unknown fates. Tonight was a night of celebration, of festive wonders and woes. A time to reflect, and a time to predict the future. Twas an experience which would not go quietly into that silent night.

Amidst the large crowds of cheering, laughing, and jubilant villagers; a group of brave harbingers could be seen running through the ancient streets of this village of Kinkuly. Amidst the cultural festivities, these enlightened humans were after one target. A woman so secretive and mysterious, not even they were certain they would find her again.

One of the members of this group, a young woman named Lurina Urus’don, looked around as she felt like a foreigner in a strange land. Yet her parents were born here; even if she was swept away to Runisca (a different country) at a young age. Though she physically resembles her people, she didn’t feel connected with any of them. She felt alienated, as though she didn’t belong in a homeland which was robbed of its innocence long-ago.

At any rate, as the group of harbingers were running forward; this young woman spotted something in the corner of her eye. A sight of peculiar wonder.

A hooded figure, standing with arms crossed above one of the wooden rooftops. Almost as if…

Without even thinking, Lurina bolted after this shadowy figure.

“Lurina, where are you going!?”

She turned around briefly as she bolted forward, and pointed up at the shadowy figure: “There!”

She felt a gust of wind pass by her as she ignored her companions now and rushed up the side street leading up to higher grounds.

She periodically bumped into other people, profusely apologizing as she rushed forward with all haste. There was a flicker of urgency shinning in her eyes, an ambition to find out the truth of the current situation her friends and her had found themselves in recently.

It’s been too long; too long without finding any substantial answers to their unfavorable questions.


Fire works above began to burst out with sizzling crackles and loud resonance. The crowds of people below roared out in surprise as some begin to clap with feverish excitement. There was a sense of endless possibilities now; the very balance of equilibrium was now tipped in favor of those usually less fortunate.

Lurina found herself rushing up another set of steep stairs as she kept her eyes locked onto the the rooftops of the buildings to her right.

She could see the shadowy figure still standing there, but now, the unseen person had her delicate hands outreached to Lurina. She was beckoning the young woman to follow; to hear the unknown secrets only this cloaked woman knew of.

Lurina felt her heart race even faster now as she saw a side-ladder up ahead. She could almost hear her heartbeat thudding in-between her ears. She was close. 

Strangely enough, just as Lurina looked back up at the shadowy woman, she could see her turn her back towards Lurina now and begin to run herself.

Taking no chances now, Lurina sped up her pace as she shook her head in denial. The mysterious woman wasn’t going to get away that easily; not without a fighting chance.

Behind Lurina, just as she reached the ladder, she could hear a familiar deep voice.

“Your brother is ever the persuasive and never taking no for an answer. As stubborn as a gorgus.”

Lurina turned her head slightly right as she faced the ladder now. “I suspected you would be close behind me. You were keeping a close eye on me ever since I got back to Kinkuly with the foreigners.”

The native-looking man nodded his head slowly. “And for good cause, look what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Lurina smiled a bit as she shrugged. “It can’t be helped, we have nothing to lose now. Let’s go then, Zante. Follow my lead.”

With that, Lurina quickly grabbed a-hold onto the bars of the ladder and began to scurry her way up the length of it like a swift fox determined to find her prey.

Quickly stepping atop this building’s wooden rooftop now, Lurina scanned the sea of unleveled rooftops now as she looked for the cloaked woman.

She was nowhere to be found.

“Damn it” Lurina thought to herself as she began to jog forward with a sense of unyielding determination. She couldn’t give up now, not when the stakes had become so high in value.

But as the man named Zante reached the top of the rooftop as well; luck would seem to turn more towards their favor.

Suddenly, the very air of time itself froze.

Lurina and Zante hadn’t noticed it at first, but as the both of them continued to jog forward towards the sea of rooftops, Lurina stopped in her tracks suddenly as she saw the fireworks stuck in mid-burst within the night sky.

“Hm…?” Zante grunted with a sort of disbelief unbecoming for the usually silent and assured man.

Lurina stared at their unmoving surroundings as she felt a cold chill run down her spine. “What in the-!?”

Lurina and Zante now walked forward slowly as both Urksinians were untrusting of this new situation they had found themselves in.

But just as the two Urksinians were now moving forward with a sense of caution, Lurina spoke to Zante with a sort of peculiar fear evident in her voice. “We should turn back, something doesn’t feel right…”

But as Lurina finished talking, she looked over her shoulder slightly and was shocked to see Zante stuck in time now.

He was like a statue, unmoving and drained of all life now.


Lurina moved over to him as she tried to shake him. But nothing worked. There was a strange force-field layer over his entire body. It was as though Lurina was in a different realm of existance altogether.

But Lurina was not left alone for too long now.

A woman’s voice began to break through this strange time-less environment.

“Lurina…can you…can you hear me?”

Lurina jumped up with a deep amazement as she looked all around herself and tried to figure out who was talking. Was this all truly going on? Or was this all just in Lurina’s head? No…the voice sounded as though in was coming from somewhere deep within the night sky now. Or was it coming from the crowds of unmoving people down below amidst the streets of Kinkuly? Lurina wasn’t certain.

Testing out the metaphorical waters, Lurina looked up at the sky as she stammered a bit in her response. “Ye-yes I can…”

It was silent for a moment longer as Lurina continued to carefully turn around in full spins. Her eyes crazily examined the sea of people below now as she tried her best to locate where the voice was coming from. It was increasingly difficult though, almost as though every moment that passed would be a moment lost forevermore.

As Lurina remained patient, the voice reemerged back into her eardrums as she could hear it more clearly now. “Lurina, there’s an impeding doom looming over the balance of our world. Yet I’m afraid you will not be amongst those responsible for fixing this problem. Your path lies with another fate. You must listen carefully to me. The very continuum of this journey, and the very continuum of this world, falls upon your shoulders at this very singular moment in time and history. Do you understand the severity of my words?”

Lurina tried her best to compose herself. What in the world was going on?  Surely this could not be the doing of some kind of strange technology. Lurina felt her mind abuzz with dizziness that she had never felt before in her life. This was massively overwhelming; Lurina’s very sanity was beginning to falter into question.           

But somehow, Lurina felt as though she believed what this woman was telling her. She knew she had to listen to whatever she had to say. “Yes…yes I understand what you’re saying.”

The voice was more readily responsive this time as the unknown and unforeseen woman spoke up once more. “Time is merely a concept and reality of our minds. Do not fret, for you will succeed in this task. It does not require time. You see…” The voice was getting unimaginably closer now, as Lurina seemed shocked and in awe at this strange phenomenon. “There are things in this world that you will never know of, for it is we who keep it that way. Yet you will remain safe, but only if you listen to exactly what I say.”

Lurina squeezed her fists tightly now as she felt fear rapidly taking over her entire nervous system. “What…what exactly do I need to do then?”

The voice did not reemerge this time as Lurina began to look around again.

Lurina was more feverish in her attempt now as she slowly began to move forward and looked down at the sea of frozen people as she tried to make sense of what was going on. She felt herself gain a little bit of reckless confidence now as she cleared her throat and addressed the unforeseen woman more directly.

“Where are you? Show yourself!”

No response.

Immediately, Lurina was beginning to panic a little as she steadily felt herself stumble backwards a bit out of natural fear. “Who are you?!”

Still no response.

Lurina spun around again, but this time, as she did – her eye caught it; the strange displacement amongst the crowds below.

The only single individual who was staring up at Lurina, staring at her behind a strange yet elaborate dark ivy green mask which was beautiful in appearance.

The woman had a hood concealing her identity as well. The ivy green robe that she wore was very detailed, as it appeared the only human part of this mysterious and unknown woman was her visible chin and mouth. Her lips were curled ever so slightly into a curious smile. It was as though the woman found amusement in Lurina’s bewilderment. Or, she found amusement at Lurina’s vulnerability. Either way, this woman had Lurina just where she wanted her.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


Source of photo: (click me to view photo credits!)

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