Philosophical Journey (Part 4)

Life is a phenomenon that no one in particular can ever pin down. We are always constantly trying to find reasons for the actions of others; or trying to decipher why people do certain things. We may even question why we must live within the confines of society. For all the good society does for us; it certainly has it’s negative effects as well.

Like anything else in life, society has two sides. One side, which is the side in which we constantly live-in, is the very same one in which we as a people live out our days in acknowledgement of what’s going on around us. This is the “seen” world, the obvious and easiest option to live within. There are many cons to this type of viewpoint. The most obvious, is that people tend to “normalize” everything they see after a while. They begin to grow hateful and vengeful towards perceived “others”. Thus, they invariably create an atmosphere and environment around themselves that is one of pure distrust and skepticism about anyone who they see as a threat to their viewpoint. No light ever seeps out of their reach; and the sad part, is that they will be the only ones to face their inevitable end. Because everyone must honor life while it last; since none of us will live forever.

The other option is the spiritual world, the emotional world, the world unseen. This is the world in which we hurt, we love, we feel pain, we endure through tragedy. This is the world in which everyone is truly who they say they are as a human being. This is the world of logic, of common sense, and of greater things. We must come to the realization that this side of life is likely the most vital aspect to living on Earth. For the physical world is just a manifestation of temporary experiences and wounds.

We must share our life with those who accept the light of truth. In that same token, those who truly traverse amongst the path of the philosopher; we must also understand and find remorse for those who walk the path of the dark, of the deceived and powerless.

Because true power rests within our bonds to each other. We are all stronger together, as a group, as a cohesive unit of human beings. Of course, it won’t all go according to plan. There will be valleys and mountains to traverse over. Yet, keep this in mind: no singular person is better or wiser than those found within an honest bound. Whether it be through marriage, through friendship, or through any other form of mutual companionship; a sense of respect and love is what builds the greatness of our human legacy.

Always remember that the importance of life lies not in a singular person; but in the depths and diversities of a group. Imagine the potential laying in wait; slumbering as we go about our daily existence. The lives around you are your key to make a better future for not only yourself, but these people as well. You are just one single person amidst a cosmos of human beings.

Life very well will present to you many different paths, many temptations, and various outcomes. But you must never lose sight of the truth path in front of you. We all have our own different purposes here on Earth, but if you lose your wayward for too long of a time; you could very well be looking back at your life and regret not doing the one thing you know you were always meant to do. 

Justifying choosing one of the many options you have in front of you in your current life will certainly lead you down a path that is not truly yours. You must remember why you exist, what your dreams are. Dreams of course may change over time, but true dreams – those which are unbreakable, will always rest within the back of your mind and in the depths of your soul.

No matter what happens in reality, don’t let that affect your judgement or perception of the truth of our world. Be steadfast in your personal convictions, especially if it’s to make even a small change in the world. Be grateful for everything you have, and realize you can utilize the resources around you to create a life worth remembering when all of this is said and done.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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