Truth About the “Harvey Weinstein Effect”

So it would appear society has awakened to this long-held truth about our treatment of women. And this goes way beyond any of our ideas of what’s going on. This goes past any such labels, past any such words we may put on this issue. In fact, it even goes past anything to do with our allegiances to any such government party. I never understood why people in my country (America), in MODERN day, often put so much weight on both the Democrats and Republicans. Because let’s face it, the Democrats and Republicans actually used to mean something back when America was a young and naive country.  Today, however, those parties mean nothing to, us, “The People”, in our modern-day America.

What we’re dealing with goes past all of that, and it goes directly to what it means to be human in this world.

This is the first time in a long time that we have made any real progress with addressing a really horrible reality that women (in the real world, not just social media) face in society. This is why there’s that old adage “this is a man’s world.” You know, the saying should really read “this is a predator’s world” because all women, and the good men, suffer under the presiding jurisdictions of dictator-like and cruel men. Because let’s face reality, that’s the only type of man who can “make things happen” in this type of world; the “natural” world.

I put “natural” in parenthesis, because these brutish and domineering men still live fully with the mentality of the “dog-eat-dog world”. Which leads me to another, yet contradicting truth. In fact, we do live in a “dog-eat-dog world”. Thus, men who have “reached the top” of whatever hierarchy they’re apart of, have lost all semblance of their human soul by then. The reason being; they must act as the calculating captain of their ships. Thus, they allow themselves to over-indulge into the pleasures of life’s gifts; which sadly includes sleeping with women whenever they think they can.

This is where we, as a society, come full-circle into what’s being unveiled in Hollywood at the moment. Because let’s face it, sexual harassment to women isn’t just happening in Hollywood; it’s happening in all sectors of society. The sad truth, as many of you may have already known, is that this kind of behavior of top-executive men abusing their power; is the fact that this has been going on since the beginning of time for human existence. 

Like I said in my previous post (in “Philosophical Journey Part 1”) the natural world is one in which cruelty and viciousness exists and prevails; when perceived by our own human perception. It’s a world in which only the most physically demanding males create the rules and laws of the jungle. Thus, in some sad way, the executives at these top levels have allowed their more animal sides to take over their actions when they feel they’re in the higher standing.

It sickens me, and it always has, that even as intelligent and creative as human beings can be; that we still act as base-animals. That we allow our fears to take over our actions, that we are afraid to change the status-quo in fear that we may look “weird” or “strange” for doing so. That’s all life is for humans, is living “the norm”. The only time “the norm” ever changes though, is if we all begin to speak up. Even then, this comes down to a very in-grained part of the man’s psyche. I can see how much masculinity is tied with our species existence; not only in society, but moreso in the natural world.

For all the good society bestows upon masculinity, it’s time to treat it with more force and not so fragile-like. I’m tired of beating around the bush with my fellow men; it’s like men are too sensitive to get a dose of their own medicine. I truly feel bad for good women out there who have to deal with this utter crap-attitude. I mean, no one (including me) is perfect, but the least we can do as a society is to start treating our boys more like men; and holding our men to more accountability. The fact of the matter is; nobody in society ever holds these powerful people to accountability. In fact, power corruption affects both men and women, but that’s another article for another day.

Because today, I want people to focus solely on what’s finally getting the spotlight. The issues that have plagued women, that have haunted them for their entire lives since time immemorial. It’s an issue that we as a society must start addressing. If we can begin to hold our boys and men more towards the realistic side of humanity; meaning holding them accountable for their actions; then we can begin to start working on the pains and ills that our women face everyday.

Remember this; everything that’s happening is a power-struggle between men and women. It’s about finding that fine-line of basic treatment that will make a huge difference in how both men and women live side-by-side. Hopefully, this tragic truth of Hollywood’s casting couch sheds more light on similar issues plaguing our society. Then; and only then, will we truly begin to see any such real progress being made.

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

22 thoughts on “Truth About the “Harvey Weinstein Effect”

  1. Excellent post. By the way, in Canada we have a multiple party system–the Liberals, Conservatives, New Democratic Party and Green Party all have seats in Parliament. But we also have the Marijuana Party, the Rhinoceros Party, the Pirate Party, and quite a few more. Keeps us all honest:-)

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    1. Thank you mydangblog, your example of outrageous parties is just another example of different politicians making up random stuff in the hopes of getting recognition from top donors. I’m sure there are some true politicians who wish the system were different, but nothing’s really changed. it’s so interesting to see how far people will go to “stay true” to their party when in reality those parties really don’t have anything to do with the current climate of uneasiness in the world. Those people in politics have long since been puppets for those with money for quite some time now, even before I was born. Moreover, politicians only care for getting their fair share of profits (rightly so, this world is crazy enough).

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      1. Actually there are a LOT of laws in Canada governing donations. The max limit is $1550 and only individuals, not corporations, can contribute so it really cuts down on politicians being puppets of major corporations and top donors. You didn’t ask me what the Pirate Party platform was though–surprisingly, they’re either for or against music piracy–I can’t remember which.

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      2. Haha, well if it’s for the later, I want to become a part of the Pirate Party. Seems like a just and righteous cause to fight for. Too many indie artists not getting paid for their work. Surprisingly, that seems like a legitimate party, assuming it’s against music pirating. Then again, artist also get help with exposure that way…but who’s to judge anyways, lol.

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      3. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the whole skit nombre de la pluma! It was an awesome representation and depiction of what election session/runs have been like for the last handful of decades now for any country in the modern world. It really is just a big hoopla of nothingness, filled with meaningless, albeit sometimes funny, moments of chaotic and strange mayhem. Once again, a very great video. Nice job on depicting what I imagine whenever there’s an election season/run lol.

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      4. Damn, you’re too young to remember Mony Python’s Flying Circus! It’s almost as old as John Cleese, and still as regrettably true of politics. And news. We’ve elected the silly party into office, “and they is us.” (damnit, you’re probably too young to remember “Pogo.” I’m only moderately silly. And please, call me Deon (Mumple, unless it’s halloween, in which case I am “Demon Plume”).~DM

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      5. xD Okay Demon Plume. After watching that video the other day, it led me down a rabbit hole in YouTube; I was watching all of these strange yet very interesting videos. Must have been a hoot to be alive back then, even if the political atmosphere was somewhat similar to today’s political environment.

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      6. Nombre de la pluma… looks like a Dragon Queen nickname for an eventual writer. It’s ok, I’m the Dragon Writer7. Some sort of it too. I remember pretty good those awesome Monty Python bastards. It’s unbelievable to know that they became famous in the whole world because of the several censorship attempts of their movies. Who did it? Ah, religious people. Christians. There are only two things that I don’t like: self-blindness for any fuck god and idiots trying to intimidate young people with things that they don’t even know properly. Yes. I just need to read your tagline to know everything about you and I’m not even a quack clairvoyant. Just a honest man who recognizes mediocrity on the world wide web in comments and posts. Next time try to write something interesting, instead of posting videos. You are not that guy, unfortunately. rsnoel was very kind with you. I don’t do the same.


    1. No problem :), I just feel so strongly for this particular issue. For as long as I can remember, even when I was a little boy, I would always take note of how girls and women were treated in different social settings. I slowly began to realize that even though we may look after women’s best interest when it comes to motherhood- we as a society hardly ever pay attention to “single” women or women who choose to live a life different from what’s considered normal in many parts of the world. I don’t usually like picking any side, but this was just blaring out at me. It’s an issue that we all knew was going on since the beginning of time, and it’s refreshing to see women’s private rights as human beings garnering the spotlight again after such a long time. It never fails to amaze me that for all the “advancements” we’ve made in the “first world” societies; that we still treat humans so poorly. Life for our many different societies tends to follow different cyclical patterns, and right now seems like a better time then any to address this major issue among other issues as well. It’s disgusting, and it certainly gave me the initial feeling of remorse for the lost innocence of these women. For those people blaming them; I would ask them: what would you do differently? If any one of us had been placed it their shoes, we might have likely been frozen with fear or disgust as well. I don’t much care for Hollywood, but for the actresses who have already come out with their stories of abuse; I applaud them. And like Emma Thompson said in a recent BBC interview; this kind of treatment of women (and of corse men too) happens in every workplace; not just Hollywood. Again, human rights are seemingly not important to the eyes of profiteers. But I like the thought that all of our voices can add to the narrative of human existence here on our shared world.

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  2. You are so spot on about both the Republican and Democrat parties. I’ve been saying for YEARS that both parties have lost their original focus and need to take a step back. The biggest event to ruin politics as we know it was the creation and acceptance of the Tea Party. We became fucked after the TP infiltrated the Republican party.
    That aside, women have been undone in the sense that everything we strived for with the onset of feminism has been ruined with that pig in the White House. Imagine–a president that debases and abuses women. A head of a Hollywood studio who abuses women. We are in the throws of the Amersharia days and it is awful. I need to stop because I’m getting too upset now.
    Thank you for a great post though!!!

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    1. I really dig the energy force you put into articulating the truth. I agree strongly with the fact that our current business environment is going back to the 1950s-era type of piggish men who act as entitled a-holes. Like you said, our current President is a reflection of our country in terms of the image he is presenting and the type of behavior he’s projected on social media (I’m still confused as to why he even still has access to social media; but it really does prove just how nonchalant the government takes running America nowadays). I remember when I had to take U.S. History 101 and 102 last year for my Lower Division requirements for college. I learned so much about what America’s government meant back then, and moreover, what America stood for. Now; it really is sad to see President Trump; and men like Harvey Weinstein, continuously abusing their power. It goes to show us; the general public, just how weak these men are. For them to allow such power to get to their heads for so long, proves that power truly does corrupt the mind and soul if utilized for too long by any individual.


  3. It’s an interesting time to be alive, to say the least. I feel like a flashlight is shining on all the ugly, hidden things–the monsters in our collective closet. The monsters are REAL. Wake up and smell the monsters, my fellow citizens. Denying that the monsters are a real problem does not make them go away.

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    1. Love the realism, that’s the only method that works against issues in our society like these kind. We have to be more firm and unyielding with men like Harvey Weinstein. Lives are soiled and ruined because of these types of people. We may never have a “Utopian”-like world, but we can make things a big easier for our world’s women at the very least.


  4. I get what you’re saying about the futility of ever completely extirpating the beastly side of humanity. It’s just part of what we are. As you mention, women in positions of power can also act in unconscionable ways. In the New Age of Trumpery it would be easy to give up altogether on humanity, but we do have occasional cause for hope. Who would have thought that there would be such a radical turnaround of American attitudes toward homosexual marriage in our time. Way to go, Americans!

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    1. True, we also live in an age of being politically correct. I’m glad we have accepted gay and lesbian marriage, but what I’m talking about is different. It’s about the actual care of each other. We live in a culture of not caring anymore what “other” people are going through on a day-to-day basis. Especially with automation and machine systems taking part in our working sector, we have even more cause to “forget” about our fellow human being. I’m glad we’ve made strides in terms of equal rights and equal opportunities, but if you look a little closer, you begin to see the facade of lies that we all face every single day. Of course, that goes back to what I mentioned in some of my posts already; we all must live in a small bit of denial in order to live “functional” adult lives. Or else, we’d completely lose our minds.


  5. Before the creation of the Modern State what did we have? The strong rule the weak. Since the dawn of men era. In the animal kingdom they only have one law: “Natural Selection”. Only the strong will survive and the weak will perish. They kill just to feed themselves and done. We do not do the same as they do. We kill to feed our human society, we kill for sport, we kill for patriotism, we kill to protect normal citizens from bad citizens or whatever this really means, we kill in decorrence of some psychological disorder, we kill for revenge, we kill for luxury, we kill for money, we kill for envy, we kill for any plausible reason too and we kill for any sort of instinct.
    If the man is created corrupt inside of his family environment, corrupt he already is to our society.
    Hitler said once that the women are the very heart and soul of a nation. Unbelievable, isn’t?
    So, only inside of this “artificial cage” called Modern State we could have an proper environment to have some rights. If we have unions, civil rights, health system, education, paid jobs instead slavery with paper money, full civil rights to women and LGBT and many others things we could only achieve this inside of this Modern State that is not written in any piece of paper. Because it’s just a try. Behind the curtain of the political and economical power the old rules still on.
    As society we never were or knew how to be ethics human beings. Naturally we have high tendencies to be corrupt. We spent the most part of our early years being educated by our moms. Every child born is a blank matrix. All of them are pure. We become the monsters that we are inside of our homes. I do believe that this guy Weinstein is very guilty of every crime that he have committed. For so many years while the monster was on the top none of said nothing because people need jobs, money, influence, favors. I think all those victims are very guilty and dirty as the fat evil man. We must take a deep look about our past, our origins as specie and society to understand what kind of hypocritical mediocre human being we fucking are. We have gone too far lying, betraying, corrupting and killing.

    We are all together on this.

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    1. Superb analysis on our society DragonWriter7! You have no idea how mentally stimulating it was to read some other form of truth. It reminds me about why I started this blog. It’s great that there are other people out there that see the hypocrisy of it all. But, like you said, people do these things at the end of the day because they need resources (money, influence, power, etc.). Because let’s face it, nobody is looking out for anyone in our business-driven environment. I think business is good, don’t get me wrong; it’s the very reason why we were able to get away from the traditional form of slavery. I agree that money creates yet another form of slavery, but it also allows us some semblance of freedom outside of the jurisdictions of traditional slavery (which of course, still runs rampant throughout the majority of 3rd-world countries).

      Perhaps one of the peculiar observations I’ve made about society, is that people often times don’t realize how much power they truly have. Or if they realize how much power they have; they’re afraid of using their power in fear of retaliation. There are many variables that we must consider when looking at these criminals.

      Perhaps, like you have said, we may never get out of this pattern of “natural” human error; but it will always be interesting to observe the way in which we continue to live our modern-day lives in this society.

      In some way, the book I’m working on for the last couple of years now, touches on these issues. Even though the book I’m writing is Science Fiction/Fantasy, it certainly could also be categorized as Literary Fiction due to the human issues it presents and the multitude of realism in it as well.

      At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your comment. It was very intellectually stimulating and it certainly made me ponder on all the possibilities that plague our world. Great comment, I will look to it for reference periodically whenever I’m looking for inspiration for future posts.

      Forever in Your Debt,
      R.S. Noel

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  6. I think we had find each other in this desert called civilization. You gave me more than an article and answer. You gave a glimpse of your soul. You are a great man. Unfortunately people like us must write science fiction books to talk about some level of Truth to the others. I do appreciate your thoughts.

    Very truly yours,

    Dragon Writer7

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    1. It’s a shame that our society doesn’t foster true growth in terms of intellectual research and curiosity. It feels as though those in positions of power would rather have a dull world, instead of one which has the probability for an unpredictable future full of different possibilities. Fear is what drives us naturally as human beings, but we should not let it dictate our actions.

      Without a doubt, you’re a greater man than most. I can tell you are a man who stands his ground. Commendable in this perpetually faulty-society.

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