Review: The Expanse / Season 1 (Spoiler-Free)

Hey everyone, it’s R.S. Noel here with another post. Today I’ll be talking about the first season of The Expanse, a Syfy series that has captivated my attention over the recent days. There are a lot of plot-twists, a lot of interesting story-arcs, and many unknowns that leap out at you when you least expect it (well, not always, but enough to be considered really good T.V.). There are also a couple cons, like some of the characters making unthinkably dumb moves, certain aspects of the story feeling rushed, and random moments which could have been left out.

Otherwise though, The Expanse is a really fun show to watch and it’s surprisingly very relatable, even if a large portion of it takes place in outer space.

The Expanse is about the colonization of our neighbor planet (Mars), the moons of Mars, and even the asteroid belt. It follows different characters, all connected through a myriad of events that can at times seem convoluted, until you get to a certain point in the series. One of the most interesting aspects about the show, is how it presents the possibility of what life may really (and I mean really) be like once we start to colonize our local galaxy. There are topics such as exploration, human rights abuse, and even neglect of different environments.

Interestingly enough, the humans on Mars are anything but “normal”. I use parenthesis here, because those humans who were not born on Earth have suffered physically due to the lack of gravity on their own place of birth (whether it be on Ceres, one of the moons of Mars – or even on of the outposts amidst the asteroid belt). In fact, the Earth-bound humans see the Martian-humans as “less than”. At times, you feel as though you (the viewer) are seeing into a whole different world that could very likely exist in a not-to-distant future. It’s as if you’re beginning to see human nature manifest for what we are on a basic, instinctual, level.

I watched this show on Amazon Prime, since I’m a prime member and I get the benefits of viewing the first season for free. I’m thinking of trying to find a way to watch season 2 for free as well, since season 3 will be starting sometime early next year, 2018.

With that said, there’s also a real humanistic aspect to this show, without being overdramatic. At times, it almost feels as though this reality actually exists during our current time-line., even though this reality may not exist for quite some time in our own life. Perhaps another aspect about the show that I enjoy the most, is the fact that there is also a real sense of tension between the characters. Whenever there are heated words of exchange between opposing characters, there’s a sort of magnetizing force at work in the show (not literally, but it certainly makes it hard to unglue your eyes from your T.V. or computer screen.)

There are times during the show I begin to consider the many probabilities and different outcomes for each of the characters. It makes for very entertaining television.

There is an obvious hierarchy in the show, and as you watch it, you’ll begin to see that we as human beings haven’t changed much from our base instincts. In fact, it’s a stark reminder of our pitfalls as a species. At first, even if you might be warded away from the stark realism presented in The Expanse; I employ you to continue watching it if you’ve started season 1. The show deals with a lot of important topics ranging from political issues to moral corruption and even to random acts of kindness.

There are times that I wonder what types of obstacles we as humans will face in the not-so-distant future. Even though The Expanse, and other shows similar to it, are increasingly giving us a broader insight into our future in space; we still won’t know what life will be like in outer space until that day actually arrives.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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