Elon Musk’s Final Plan for Mars

Hello everyone, R.S. Noel here today with a very scientific and exciting post regarding the future of humanity (I never thought I’d say those words, humanity has had a very bleak history thus far. But now, things seem to be truly happening in terms of getting things rolling for our species).

Two days ago, Elon Musk gave a talk to a large group of spectators, as he informed him of the complex yet very exciting blueprint he has for humans to become a “multi-planetary species”. Here is the link to watch the full video if you want detailed specs and information and how this will be achieved Click here for the video!

I believe this will, without a doubt in my mind, be one of the most riskiest and deadliest voyage humans have ever taken in all of human history. Just image for a moment what i must have been like for Christopher Columbus and his crew when they were sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and landed in the early Americas. Disease, starvation, dehydration, the very elements of nature, opposition from the Native Americans, and a host of other issues arose from Columbus’ voyage.

Now, imagine how difficult that kind of environment would be like for humans on an entirely different planet, months away from Earth?

That would be incredibly terrifying!

I can only imagine the multitude of risk involved in such a mission – and the level of risk each individual astronaut would need to take into consideration before even beginning to contemplate whether to go to Mars or not. It’s no easy task, and it won’t have any easy or quick solutions.

But with the obvious risks stated now, I believe it’s time to move forward to the end-goals for these type of exploratory missions to Mars.

The immensity of what we’re trying to achieve here is larger than any singular event on Earth. To create a multi-planetary species is the ultimate end-goal of this undoubtedly very long and arduous journey. Those who make the trek to Mars, and those we are born on Mars, to some varying degree, will have to accept the responsibility of creating a strong foundation for future generations of Martians. It sounds weird using the term “Martians”, but the truth of the matter, is that is exactly what they will be called.

Another end-goal for these missions to Mars, will be to create a sort of “outpost” for even more future missions to go out even more, and colonize the moons of Jupiter and the moons of Saturn. Those missions will be so far down the line though, that I believe it will be at least 1,000-10,000 years down the line before there are even talks of trying to get humans to go even further out. With the advancement of technology, however, we could very well see the time-frame reduce to a more favorable gap of between 500-800 years. But until we begin to see even more advancements in technology come into existence, I believe it’ll be a while before we can even consider missions which will take us past Mars and beyond.

Probably one of the most obvious end-goals of the Mars missions, are the benefits to science. We will be able to see human evolution on a scale never before seen. It’s very likely that we can have a new branch of humans within the species. Thus, we could see, over many centuries, a difference in appearance and psychological functions between humans on Earth (Earthlings), and humans on Mars (Martians). It will certainly be interesting to see the exact differences between the two forms of human beings, and the benefits and/or disadvantages of both sets of humans.

Terra-forming has also been another topic of discussion. Even if it took many, many years – the thought of terra-forming is exciting in of itself. There are a lot of complexities to it, and a lot of complications to even trying to attempt to terra-form a planet, especially one as small as Mars, but it’s not impossible. Again, with the advancement of technology, and also science, we can see this process occur over the span of a couple centuries. The benefits of this are quite obvious as well. Humans on Mars could very well one day breathe fresh air naturally without having to wear space suits or live in confined living-spaces. They could very well begin to truly live a life worth experiencing. For now, sadly, the early settlers of Mars will likely live a very stressful and isolated life incomprehensible to any human beings living on Earth currently. The level of disassociation will certainly be incredibly exhausting, but only time will tell what kind of effects that will have on other human beings.

There are countless more variables to consider, and even more possibilities and complications to take into account; but for now, I want to end on this note for any future Martians who may stumble upon this article by luck or chance:

“No matter the distance, no matter the tribulations or obstacles you may face; history will remember your life-story and your contributions. Don’t let the challenges of life get you down, and always remember to keep your head held-up high. After all, you are the future of our species.”

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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