Why People Don’t Care About Celebrities

As I’ve seen in recent days, many people have begun to disconnect with the world around them as the threat of war looms over everyone’s head. We live in a state of denial, and for good reason. What can we do about anything to do with global affairs? We don’t make the rules, we merely live humbly and as best as we can.

That is why I believe, deep down inside even the most die-hard fans of celebrities throughout Hollywood and the Music Industry; we really don’t care about celebrities.

We are merely passing the time. It’s all thrown in our faces anyways, so might as well enjoy what’s being fed through our computer and phone screens (I don’t watch T.V., but I’m sure the exposure celebrities get on television networks has become even worse than it already was when I still watched T.V. years ago).

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, (yada-yada, blah-blah-blah, and so forth), are the talk of the town only because big corporations are the ones who financially support the force-feeding of these icons in our lives in all manners possible. Remember, there’s always money behind the motives of every single aspect of the mainstream media, and also of anything to do with Hollywood, the Music Industry, and so forth. That’s just the nature of the ruling class, they make the rules, and we as common people are merely just here living our lives and trying our best to survive in a world that is constantly evolving and changing. That’s how the world has always operated. But it seems like nowadays, people are “waking-up” from the dark realities of mainstream media and the negative effects it can have on us.

Even people who swear they are die-hard fans for whatever celebrity they ardently admire and look up to; I stare at them skeptically as I wonder how any person, no matter how desparately sad or boring their lives are, could ever be that dedicated to living their lives through the lens of someone else’s experiences. You do realize your idol will likely never know who you are. You should also realize that your idol may not even like you if they were to meet you in-person.

Most of these celebrities live hectic lives full of non-stop schedules which are highly demanding on not only their well-being, but also their sense of humanity. They are overworked, and at times, worked to the point of near-death. Yet we as a culture do not like to think on such dark-yet-true matters such as these. But the fact of the matter is that these celebrities are also human just like you or me. (unless you believe in conspiracy theories, then in which case, these celebrities are supposedly actually all dead and were cloned??). But that’s just thinking in science fiction. That’s just a coping mechanism for people to think that these celebrities are not being worked incredibly hard. (If you remember Brittany Spears’ infamous meltdown in 2007, then you would know full-well that she isn’t “a clone”).

Anyways, I’m detracting into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. Back to the main topic at hand.

In comparison, we as normal, everyday people, have our own lives to worry about. I remember being asked recently when I was out at the market getting something to eat, and I guy asked me what I thought about a certain football team. I just looked at the guy and said “I don’t have time to watch *-insert sport-*.” Because even athletes have become celebrities.

They are probably my least favorite group of celebrities, due to the simple fact that they can do horrible things and get away with it with little to no consequences. Sometimes, of course, it’s hard for the law not to recognize an athlete’s heinous actions (ex: 2013’s aptly named “Bullygate” in which Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins midway through the season due to malicious actions taken against him from offensive lineman Richie Incognito. Mr. Incognito was subsequently suspended and never resigned to the Dolphins after this incident blew up over social media).

With that stated; social media (different from mainstream media), is taking the prominent position mainstream media has held ever since the inception of radio and T.V. Do I think this is a good thing? Well to be quite frank with you, no I don’t see social media as “the better of two evils”. It’s just a different manner in which to occupy our time and waste-away our potential to do truly great things in the world. It’s to curb our desire to want to grow and do better for ourselves and also for our communities.

That’s what I’ve been wondering lately as well. While all of these “A-listers” are out here performing for sold-out coliseums and making more money than we as common people will ever see in our lifetime, there are millions upon millions of people suffering in the world without even a single person to care for them. To be honest, that’s why I’ve ignored the events happening around the world, and also whatever events are even happening in my own neck-of-the-woods. I want to ignore the world and forget that any of these unsolvable problems exist.

But that surely is counter-intuitive.

The conundrum of it all, is that I’ve discovered the most ironic reality of life. No matter how you or I perceive certain events happening in the world; the world itself still goes on. The universe does not stop. Nothing in the whole world can stop certain things from happening. But what I have also learned as an adult, is that as a human, we can respond in such a way that will in fact change the possibility and probability of what happens in our own personal futures. Collectively, we may be separate in our own lives; but individually, you can wield the personal power to change the way you achieve your goals. In the end, we can make the best of our situations by the way we readjust ourselves to the madness and uncalled for actions that happen to us in our everyday lives.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

5 thoughts on “Why People Don’t Care About Celebrities

    1. Thanks man! the theme I used was Oxford. I believe it cost me 9.99 USD, but I could be wrong. I had purchased the theme close to a year ago, back when I was just starting to formulate what I wanted this website/blog to be about. That’s also exactly what I wanted to do as well, make it seem like a newspaper; as the years go on, I’m sure I’ll have more time to do actual reporting on stories as well. Definitely looking forward to the future! Even if I’m an accounting major in college; I still want to focus on writing pieces/blogs periodically.

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    1. Thank you, I wrote this before that incident with all those Hollywood actresses unfolded. In recent days, that’s an issue I care about. But when it comes to whenever famous people are in the news all the time, I don’t care to hear about what kind of car they purchased, whether they’re spotted with a new partner, or if they just bought a house, etc.

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