Online Journal (Entry #019)

Hey everyone, it’s me R.S. Noel here with another update!

Today, I’ll be recapping on where I’ve been for the last week. I know I’ve been absent from the WordPress network for quite some time now, but it’s all for good reason.

I’ve been busy with learning how the stock market (NASDAQ, S&P, etc.), and FOREX works. Most of that is for my Business Administration 101 class. On top of that, I’ve been studying heavily in my Accounting 101 class. It’s been fun so far, very insightful, and also quite impactful.

I’m also taking Computer & Information Science 101 class, but it’s pretty easy for me, so that class is a breeze.

Not to mention I’m in Statistics though, so that’s also taking up some of my time (the early chapters are easy, but when looking ahead, the later chapters seem a bit more complex).

So far, let me show you what I’m learning:

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 11.18.55 AM.png

I’m learning how to read how stocks rise and fall in the market, and also when it’s the best time to purchase a “short”, or when to buyback a “short” with a “cover”. You purchase a “cover” whenever you sold a “short” for a company you initially invested in; and you thought they were going to have a period of “falling”. So let’s say you sold your “short”, but instead of the stock going down, it goes up. That’s when you buy a “cover”. The only downside, is that you will take a hit with your money. But it’ll be smaller compared to purchasing a “share” and having the market for that particular company go down. For instance, I started with $100,000 (fake) money in my Business Administration 101 class. But I lost $56 dollars because of the Walt Disney Company (DIS). I only lost that much because I sold a short, and had to purchase a cover when I sold that short when the company was actually rising instead of following it’s usual trend of going down after a “high”.

Anyways, I’m sure that’s not even the tip of the metaphorical iceberg, but I’ll eventually get better at it. I’ll be studying FOREX as well, which is essentially the foreign stock exchange. On the FOREX, you are basically trading your shares based on “currency values” of different countries. Based on if your desired country sees a pique in their economy, their dollar value will rise up. Thus, this is when you should wait and see when to sell your FOREX share in whichever country you’ve invested into.

All of this lingo and talk is so strange to me still, even though I’ve gotten more and more used to it as the week has progressed onward. But still, now I’ve gotten a firmer grasp on that old saying: “we’re all just numbers”. Quite literally, every single action taken by businesspeople, suppliers, entrepreneurs, etc., can in-effect change the very equilibrium of a country’s economy based on the preconceived notions shareholders have on each particular country. 

I’m still wrapping my head around all of these oddities, but in the meantime, I just wanted to let you all know that I’m doing just fine. I know I uploaded a journal entry last night which was “from the heart”, and I’m glad I got all of that out of my system. Sometimes the world can be crazy, and I just needed to vent a little from all the built-up stress.

Alright, with that stated, I’ll leave you guys with another quote from Arkanim: Tales of the Enlightened Ones. If you’re new to my blog/website, then welcome! Arkanim is essentially a book I’ve been working on for the last 14 years of my life, (currently in the process of editing heavily). But I thought it would be neat to share snips and pieces of the story during this time of editing.

This excerpt comes straight out of Chapter 7. It’s a bit of a somber and serious mood, but not depressing. The kind of mood where you feel like taking a nice cold drink at the dead of night.

The following is a work-in-progress, but I still hold and maintain all the rights for the work presented below. Thank you for your interest and understanding. Enjoy!:

Excerpt from – Arkanim: Tales of the Enlightened Ones

          Baslore did not voice his thoughts into words as he sat there silently waiting for his cousin to go on further.

          Narien understood this gesture as she let out a heavy sigh. “I think it’s best if you understand what the people of Inur-Urksa are faced with at the current moment.” Looking slightly anxious, Narien began quite forwardly. “Your younger sister; she’s come back to the village-.”

          Before Narien could even say anything else, Baslore cut into her words with an astonished look on his hollowed face. “My little sister…?”

          Narien looked somewhat pained as she looked away from Baslore Urus’don with eyes full of hidden sorrows and unknown complexities. “Baslore, you need to understand something right now. I don’t know how you remembered Lurina the last time you saw her, or even the last time you must have spoken to her, but she isn’t the same way you likely knew her. She’s rebellious and somewhat headstrong where it concerns the current civil unrest spreading through Inur-Urksa.”

          Narien was silently overwhelmed with great emotions now as she commenced on. “She is defiant beyond belief, and angry beyond words. Though she hides it well, I can see it growing in her. She needs help – she needs your help. As her big brother, she needs you there to protect her from this cruel world. Baslore Urus’don, this is one of the main reasons why I came here to Harolin Town. Besides wanting to speak with Tozar Perth in person, I came here hoping to convince you to come back with me to our motherland. You are sorely needed Baslore, there are so many issues that I cannot even begin to describe to you. And…”

          It seemed there was just too much for Narien to speak of. She quickly became overwhelmed into silence. But she didn’t need to speak, for all the words in the world could not so perfectly depict what Narien’s facial expressions were saying in this moment of utter silence.

          Baslore felt somewhat angered and pained in this moment of genuine guilt. He was frustrated with himself for the fact that he had not chosen to go back to Inur-Urksa earlier; he had let his past traumas and agonies get the better of him.

          How could he though? He had been offered a position that no one in his right mind would have turned down. He was given the chance to be an assistant and serve the man whom many in Eloruk still deemed a hero amongst the rest of humanity. Tozar Perth was the soldier who had not only fought valiantly during the Revolting War, but had also helped the victims of the war through his charity work. Tozar was still well known by many as a living legend.

          So to now feel a great self-loathing pervade Baslore would have been a vast understatement. In this moment, he felt disgusted with himself. He had let down his motherland, and most importantly, his family. He had turned tail and abandoned the only true place he could call home.

          How ironic was this; it was so incredibly strange that Baslore was now faced with a different kind of reality that he had for so long pushed behind him and left to rot in the abyss of forgotten and discarded time.

          His thoughts and otherwise hidden emotions were likely showing on his own face now, for Baslore suddenly caught Narien staring ponderously at Baslore.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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