North Korea Sends a Missile Over Japan

A couple of days ago, North Korea sent a missile over Japan, in which the missile landed in one of Japan’s local seas. Japan’s government did not react to this maneuver as drastically as you may have expected them to. In fact, they didn’t even attempt to disrupt the course of the missile’s projection. This certainly holds some implications on the lack of severity Japan’s government sees in comparison to North Korea’s military prowess. Though they certainly have issued missile warnings via text message to most of their citizens throughout Japan, the Japanese government appears to be trying to deal with this problem internally between themselves and the North Korean’s dictatorship of a government.

I personally have become more and more concerned with the well-being of Japan over the course of these last couple of months. I’ve been invested in learning the many different cultures around the world, even when I was a young child. As an adult, I’ve come to silently appreciate the cultural differences between the many countries out there, and have come to realize that there will always be misunderstandings between each cultural society around the world. This is just the nature of life here on the world, and it’s not something any single one of us can ever change. There will always be differences among each country, and that’s likely how it’s been from the start.

But what makes me so worried, is the fact that Japan’s society, population, and very way of life, have always been more on the end of the spectrum not desirable for any country or nation. The fact of the matter is that Japan is a country that could very well, over a long period of time, become extinct.

It’s culture is so steeped in mysticism and ancient ways, that I cannot imagine just how devastating it would be to lose a great culture such as theirs. However, I’m not so naive to believe that Japan would be the first country to ever lose it’s cultural identity and history forevermore. Again, this will likely happen over a long period of time, but do not take this issue lightly. It will certainly happen if Japan continues to operate in the way it does.

On one hand, I can sympathize with the Japanese. They have always been closed off from the outside world, and that’s likely due to the ruling powers that be. The Japanese people themselves have always led such isolated lives away from the rest of the world, and I believe that they have become comfortable with this way of living for a long time. But on the other hand, I know that there must be Japanese people who realize the severity of this issue. They must know that their homeland is rife with potential to be lost forevermore (in terms of cultural identity and ancient history).

But that is just the way things are, I suppose. We are all just spectators in the world. Unless you have money, power, or massive influence; there’s no much we common-everyday people can do besides try and get our voices heard on a much larger platform or audience. I know that even then, someone could make a difference. But it’s all relative to what we view as a “successful” attempt, or a “failed” attempt. Either way, I think speaking up is the best way to get attention from even a small group of people.

Anyways, I’m going off on a tangent now. The point I’m trying to get across is that, if you never speak up at times when it makes a difference, you’ll never know what could have happened if your voice was in fact heard.

Today, I wanted to voice my concern for Japan. It has such a dark, yet alluring, history which has captivated me from a young age. It wasn’t any anime or manga that fascinated me with Japan. It was just my fascination with the history itself.

Ancient Japan, with her samurai, villagers, and old empires, have always given me a sense of realism that I simply cannot explain. Such intricate folklore has also captivated my attention wholly. I also find geisha interesting as well, and I remember the day I read the book Memoirs of a Geisha. Even though we may never know the full retelling of what being a geisha must have been like for the women who lived such mysterious lives, I’m certainly forever grateful for the opportunity to have read into such a secret part of Japanese culture.

There are so many other historical antics I could delve into, like how ninjas originated as farmers and everyday people. But I won’t. There are just so many interesting things that make Japan so valuable, in my eyes, among the global community.

Though I know I shouldn’t worry about Japan, it’s just one of those things I’ll always ponder on in life. I know I’ll always wonder what will become of it. I want to be able to go to Japan throughout my own lifetime, but I fear I may never get that chance. I must hurry up with my college experience, get my Business and Accounting degree as quickly as I can, and get the first ticket to Nagoya, Osaka, or Kobe. Those are the three cities I want to visit in Japan the most, and I know if I continue to put my mind to it, I will eventually see it.

Whether it will be in it’s current state or not, is a whole different story. 

But I will never lose faith. I will continue to strive in life and make it my life’s goal to see as much of the world as possible. And by see, I mean seeing what life is like in other places, and also seeing the natural and technological wonders of the world.

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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