Online Journal (Entry #015)

Argh I almost forgot to write an entry for today!?

So here’s what I’m listening to currently (Click Me!)

At any rate, today I just started my Business 101 class, and it was pretty awesome! We’re learning how to invest our fake money into stocks and bonds. We’re starting out with (fake) $100,000 dollars! If it were real, I don’t think I would invest it in the Stock Market. I would definitely invest in real estate, and start renting out small spaces to different people (after background checks of course!).

So that’s what I did today. I also finished two more sections in my Statistics book, so now I only have 1.5 to do in Chapter 1. There are 13 chapters in the book, and there are about 650 pages in total. So each chapter is a good 100 pages. That’s why it’s taking so long to finish Chapter 1 (lol).

I’m really enjoying Statistics, it’s quite fun and interesting once you get the hang of it. Oh yeah, I also will be interviewing for the club at my college which gives out $250 dollars at the end of the semester if you’re willing to periodically speak in front of crowds of people. I’m down for it, I’ve oddly never really had a problem or fear with public speaking. It’s actually quite relieving and a stress-relief for me (as weird as that may sound, but it’s true. Whenever I’m discussing different topics to a small or medium-sized crowd, I always have this small sense of connection with the people).

I also found out today that I’ve received a Pell Grant from the state of California! (A Pell Grant is government-funded money which is awarded to students who have a certain G.P.A and above. I have a 3.4).

It’s worth $2,468.78!

The nice lady at my Financial Aid center on-campus, let me know that the first check will be $1,234.39. The 2nd one will be worth the same as well. So I’ll be able to pay off 3 of my credit cards! To be fair, most of the credit card debt I’ve accrued are school related!

But with that said, yes, I was a very bad young man during my more memorable and fun times! Reality, however, has finally taken it’s grasp on me!).

So I’ll be a happy camper for this semester. Not to mention that I’ll receive a Pell Grant in the Spring Semester worth $3,214.52! That’ll help me pay off another credit card, which will leave me with 1 left after that. But after that, it’ll be really easy to pay off that last credit card since I’ll be able to focus entirely on paying it off. After that, I won’t be using credit cards until I transfer to a 4-year university. After that, all bets are off since I’ll need to pay for my own resources including books, dormitory, and food. But I’ve already begun to work out finances for myself in the future and present moment. I’ve really taking a liking to Accounting.

Anyways, I think that does it for this short entry tonight. Thank you for sticking around and reading these entries of mine! This process is really fun and I’ve taken a great liking to meeting amazing people here on WordPress’ network. I’ll be back tomorrow with not only another Online Journal entry, but also a miscellaneous post as well. ( Hint, hint, it has to do with North Korea and Japan 😉 )


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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