Online Journal (Entry #014)

Hello everyone! It’s me R.S. Noel coming to you with another post. For today, I’m going to make it short and also provide another excerpt from Arkanim: Tales of the Enlightened Ones.

Today was a really productive day. It’s also pack-full of homework assignments. I’m also going to be joining a couple of clubs on campus, one of them pays you to join (it’s a stipend payment at the end of the Fall Semester on December 14th, but still worth it!). Essentially this club I’ll be joining is a sort of student-body club which attends to different needs of the student body. It also, at the end of the semester, meets in front of the Dean of the school to help talk about what different needs the student body has in regards to different programs and resources they need. It’s pretty cool and I can’t wait to get started with it!

Anyways, I’ll be working on multiple different homework assignments tonight. I have to finished 2 more assignments for my Statistics class and study for a quiz I’ll have next Tuesday for it. I also have to read about 80 pages for my Accounting 101 class AND do the online homework (which is about 30 questions long). On top of that, I also need to read Chapter 1 for my Computer and Information Science 101 class, which is at least another 35 pages. Last but not least, I have my Business Administration 101 class tomorrow, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing what I need to do for our first homework assignment!

With that stated, I’ll be ending this post with another quote from my book (which is still in the editing phase!). Today, the excerpt comes straight from Chapter 21.

The following is a work-in-progress, but I still hold and maintain all the rights for the work presented below. Thank you for your interest and understanding. Enjoy!:

        As the group neared closer to the heavily vegetated gates that surely led into the village of Kinkuly, Rhea could see four guardsmen standing ever so silently amongst the vines. Rhea had not seen them before, and likely because they were wearing armor that was the same shade of green as the verdant gates. She was in awe at how unmoving they were, better than statues. Certainly the messenger that Zante had sent ahead of them had let these guardsmen know that they were nearing the village. And by they, Rhea knew she was thinking more along the lines of Dasca, Merthus, and herself.

      Gorgirians were not exactly on friendly terms with Urksinians.

     Rhea could feel the intensity of those behind her, as she momentarily shut her eyes to allow her fears to subside just a little more.

       Then, that’s when it happened.

       Jumping from the many trees that were grouped tightly together on both sides of the narrow path – came down about nine native Urksinians. They all appeared intimidating and full of untapped energy. Most of them were men, broad shouldered and towering in size. About two of them were Urksinian women, still equally intimidating with their bulging muscles and unfamiliar physiques.

        Yet it was one of the Urksinian men that started to walk straight up to Zante that really caught Rhea’s fearful attention. This man had the broadest of shoulders amongst the newfound Urksinians, thick arms the size of tree trunks, and powerful legs that could likely crush even a newborn gorgus.

       He landed squarely in front of Zante as he stared at the man with an unflinching gaze that appeared to bulge out with deep hatred. “Zante Qitzovena’lu hega nemno qora-dod belsion!” [Zante Qitzo…you’ve come back home with slaves in tow!].

       Though Rhea had no idea what this unknown new man had just said, she could tell Zante was guarding any sign of emotions as he responded back clearly and with a deepened voice. “Jersde leme’neleno, cirlee; nem belsion.” [They are foreigners, guests; not slaves].



Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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