How Venezuela’s Dark Times Affect U.S.(A).

This year has been one filled with unimaginable events throughout the world. To the random acts of kindness committed by strangers, to the erratic acts of violence committed by those in both positions of power and those of ordinary status; the world in 2017 has already seen a lot of change occur throughout different nations and countries. Admittedly, even though I’ve lived in America my whole life, I’ve always been connected with the other nations and countries in the world through my fascination with news via the Internet.

People have used the Internet very wisely (not always, but in the case of sharing the injustices occurring throughout the world, it’s been used very wisely). I’ve read some very interesting blog pieces from others throughout the years I’ve been fascinated with reading what has been going on in the world outside of America. It’s quite disheartening just how disconnected the U.S.A is from the rest of the global society, so much so, that I often wonder how much longer this willing ignorance will go on. I feel as though it’s just one of those things in life. If it’s not happening in your backyard, then we aren’t concerned about it.

But that’s not the right way to view the world’s injustices. I believe what’s happening in Venezuela could very well happen to other prosperous nations. Let me explain myself now.

Venezuela used to be a prosperous and thriving country. In fact, it was once considered on of South America’s wealthiest countries in the early 2000s. But now, it’s anything but that. Due to the fact that Socialism has always been at the centerpiece of Venezuela ever since the rule of President Hugo Chavez, it’s been nothing but a ticking bomb. It’s ironic, because it was Chavez who had created prosperity in Venezuela during his reign from 1999 to 2013. But Chavez must have known as well that he was also creating Venezuela’s inevitable downfall; due to the fact that Venezuela’s economy was run¬†solely¬†by the oil industry. Yes, Venezuela was only economically wealthy because of it’s oil fields. Nothing else. I’m not joking, quite literally a country run entirely thanks to their oil fields.

That’s where the mistake lies in. To have a country’s wealth rest on the shoulders of one singular industry is bound to be a recipe for disaster. Anyone in their right mind could see that rising problem from miles away; and unfortunately, many of Chavez’s opposition saw this very same problem potentially coming up after Chavez’s victory in 1999. But they had no say, thanks in part to a “democracy” which acted more as an oppressive Socialist regime which was incredibly hard on businesses within Venezuela’s jurisdiction. You see, to some extent, we must understand that businesses need some room for freedom to act on their own terms. I understand the issue with “Big Business” in America, and that could very well be used as an example of the opposite extreme on the spectrum of how a country should be run, but in truth this post is not about America. It’s about how we can fix Venezuela’s current issues.

I believe, like countless other people in both Venezuela and the global community, that Venezuela needs to not only “clean house” in terms of their entire government, but they also need to find different revenues of sustaining their economy besides just relaying heavily on their oil fields. I think it’s time that they evolve their homeland by using the advantage of the technological boom. I think that could likely be their next economic boost. If they can invest in small companies/businesses which deal with technological advances or just tech-companies that could help sustain their society through technological advancement on a level not seen before; I believe Venezuela can be saved from their own economic downfall.

Just to give you an idea of how bad things are there, let me use an example that will put things in much clearer perspective.

Imagine you have a bill that is a $100 USD bill. Now imagine the worth of that $100 USD bill only be worth $0.20. That’s exactly what’s happened to Venezuela’s currency. And it’s only going lower as more and more time passes by.

It’s an extremely unfortunate and dreadful experience, and I can only imagine the horrors and mass atrocities occurring in the streets of many of Venezuela’s cities and towns. So that’s why I wanted to make this post today. I want to let my small reader base know just what’s going on in this part of the world.

We need to realize that everything is connected in unforeseeable ways. Events that happen there will undoubtedly have ever-lasting effects in not only surrounding countries to Venezuela, but the whole world as well.

To be aware and conscious of what’s going on is one of the best pieces of advice I could ever give to anyone. At some time in your life, you must realize that if we can just bring awareness of an issue to the forefront, we can hopefully get the attention of someone in a position of power to do something about it (who has a good heart, of course).

It’s incredible what speaking up can do for the world. The more we bring attention to issues plaguing our global society, the higher and better chances we have with dealing with theses multifaceted problems once and for all.

I’ll leave you with this thought to ponder on:

Worldly Quote.jpg

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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