Online Journal (Entry #009)

Today was very laid-back. Probably a good sign, since next week I start both my Fall Semester for college and I also start my new job at Reborn Cafe.

Hi everyone, it’s me R.S. Noel coming to you with another post!

My mom, older brother, and I just had a birthday dinner for my older brother at a Hawaiian restaurant named Roys. We had a nice time, the food was exquisitely good (the original bill came out to $134.24, but we had a Groupon for it, so it came out to $56 dollars flat.) It was a 4-course meal. It started with appetizers (which were sushi rolls), then we each had our own salads; after that, we had our main course (I had chicken breast with mashed potatoes and a small fried fish). For the grand finale, we had a small desert which was a souffle with two vanilla ice-cream scoops).

I suppose I’ve been preparing myself more so with not only school and work, but also with trying to get my album/singles review videos made. I want to start putting them up near the end of October, ideally for the holiday season. So for all of September and the beginning half of October, I’ll be finding time to create videos with my new lighting and filming equipment. I’ll need to find some time when I won’t be disturbed either since my mom was just recently laid-off from her work last Tuesday (which was on August 22). She’s definitely going to use this time to relax for a month or two before she begins to search for a job again. I have faith she’ll find something near to what she was doing at her most recent place of employment; so in truth, I’m just glad to have this time to spend with my mom while she can stay home for the next 3-6 months (fully paid by from unemployment). 

Anyways, I’ll be ending this post early. Thank you to all my readers out there, I’ve seen in the statistics that my posts in general have gotten more views than in the previous month. So thank you and I’m glad to be able to connect with some of you over WordPress’ network!

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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