Online Journal (Entry #008)

Today was definitely fun, I hadn’t had this much fun with my family, and in life, for quite a long time!

Hi everyone, it’s me R.S. Noel coming to you with another post!

So today my family and I ate at a Mexican restaurant and really bonded (we even got a little serious during the course of our conversation, but it was all in good faith). I really hadn’t shared a great laugh with my mom and step-dad in such a long time. I feel so incredibly thankful to have them in my life, and more importantly, I’m so thankful to have my older brother in my life as well. He’s really a great guy and I’m just glad to have him as a friend.

With that aside, nothing else eventful happened today. Besides the fact that I picked up my last check at Chipotle, which was $316.27, ($285 after taxes), I just ran some errands after my family lunch. I drove to my college to pick up the 4 textbooks I need for my classes this semester, I got a haircut to make sure I look a little more civilized for both the new school semester starting next week; and also my new job which I’ll be continuing the training process next week as well. 

The books I got were as follows: 

  • Financial Accounting (for Accounting 101)
  • Statistics: Informed Decisions (for Mathematics 136)
  • Contemporary Business -17th Edition- (for Business Administration 101)
  • Computing Essentials 2017 (for Computer and Information Science 101)

I certainly will have a heavy deal of math-related problems to work out in these classes; but I’m looking forward to it since I’ve come to really enjoy math overall. It not only has helped expand my mind and imagination, but it certainly also has helped me understand even further how the world operates on a basic and extended level. The old saying: “Money is Everything” holds half-truths and half-lies. The truth of the matter, is currency in different countries can lose their value completely over a period of time which can either be small or large.

For instance, Venezuela has seen a big drop in the value of their currency, thus, they lives of nearly all Venezuelans are nearly ruined. It’s important to note that economic recovery is only possible when a population is heavily educated in matters of how the complex structures of the global economy operate. Furthermore, it would help more if Venezuelans were privileged in the way they ran their country. Though they are considered a Democracy, their society is heavily aligned with the theories and ideologies of Socialism. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from the history classes I’ve taken (for fun, and moreover, to learn more about the hidden truths of our world). There are so many pieces of knowledge I wish I could share with you at this moment in time, but I think the best one which could easily explain the global situation we’ve found ourselves in the year 2017 is this one: To the victor’s go the spoils. 

This truth is unfortunate, for the very sole reason that life in the world can be unforgivably unfair for those who find themselves on the wrong side of history. The aftereffects of such losses and wins can still be visibly seen and felt even in our so-called “modern” and “progressive-moving” world. Because the reality of the fact is that there will always be countries on the so-called “bottom of the food chain”. I hate seeing reality in these lens, but I know it’s important that I share the unfiltered truth without getting to mentally or emotionally connected to the fact that people’s lives have been affected by the very institutions and countries which reside as “supreme” right now, and for the past couple centuries.

Anyways, I want to save that topic for one of my future posts I’ll be featuring on my blog. It’s important to note that I want to eventually transform this blog as a travel/news blog. This will happen hopefully after I finish college in 2 more years, but who knows what life will have in store for me by then.

At any rate, I’ll be ending this post prematurely. There’s no much else that happened today, and I don’t want to elaborate on topics I really don’t think are all that interesting anyways.

With that aside, I’ll see you guys in the next post!

Forever in Your Debt,
R.S. Noel


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