Online Journal (Entry #007)

The strangest things happen at the most unconventional times.

Hi everyone, it’s me R.S. Noel here with another post!

Today was a somewhat weird day. It would have probably just been a regular ol’ day, were it not for this encounter I had with a South Korean man today.

Before I begin to share what happened, I’ll let you know now that I’ll also be sharing another little bit of the novel I’m working on; near the end of this post. 

Anyways, it would appear that today was the 1st training day for Reborn Cafe, meaning that it was yet another long yet exciting drive down to the Irvine area. I was going to carpool with one of the other guys who is also going to work there, but I decided I’d go with my mom instead since I hadn’t spent time with her in a long time. With that aside, when my mother and I arrived at the headquarters for Reborn Cafe, I signed in quickly and went upstairs to the large office’s second floor where the briefing for the training would be held before we got “our hands dirty” with some coffee (which was my favorite part of the day!).

But the most important part of the day happened at this briefing. This is where the South Korean man comes into play.

He’s the CEO of this joint-company (which oversees about 3 companies in total; thus Reborn Cafe is a subsidiary of the larger South Korean company). At any rate, this man actually opened up to us about the vision behind the company we were going to be working for from here on out. He told us that he wanted us to view this as “our company” as well, and that he had high hopes for us to do well and grow with Reborn Cafe. He let us know that the man behind this creation was a 70-year old scientist, a doctor who had become interested in finding a way to create new methods for making authentic food and drinks.

It was inspirational just to listen to the CEO of this company tell us all of these things. Furthermore, he let us all know that he knew that some of us would meet this 70-year old doctor soon if luck and fate would have us grow with this company over the next following months and years. He looked at all of us with a sense of newfound hope, for this company that he had helped create and for the dream of this 70-year old doctor. Regardless if I stay with this company for the long term, I know I am willing to work my ass off for this awesome company-culture. It’s so unreal, I can’t even explain it. South Koreans surely know how to do business, and they understand the importance of fostering a family-oriented place of employment as well.

Well, what was so weird about this meeting anyways?

The fact of the matter is, I had a dream of this very same instance about 2 years ago. This was all before I even knew about Reborn Cafe or any of the awesome people associated with it.

I felt like I was having a “full-circle moment”. Something indescribable and yet so authentic and real.

Well, I wish I could really explain to you just how weird the encounter was. But I suppose it will never be fully expressed in its entirety. It’s just another one of those little quirks in life.

At any rate, I think it’s important to share a bit of the story I’ve been working 14 years on. I know the last time I updated you guys on it, was in Entry’s #002 and #003, so I believe it’s time I share with you a little more of my personal imagination.

Here is the excerpt I’ve chosen to open up to you with. This is in the middle of Chapter 1:

The following is a work-in-progress, but I still hold and maintain all the rights for the work presented below. Thank you for your interest and understanding. Enjoy!:

   Excerpt from – Arkanim: Tales of the Enlightened Ones

    Walking very close to the edge of this rusting and breaking aeroship, Qiradel looked once more up at the sky as she allowed one fleeting breath to escape her slightly open mouth.

     She spoke as though she were talking with an old and long lost friend:

     “The day of light is an unreal blithe and the night of darkness is a real tragedy. Where it upon my power, I would surely shepherd the lost souls into true enlightenment. Grow on, even when others seem to detest this otherwise natural tendency within you. Learn more, even if it is deemed forbidden by those who already know of such forbidden knowledge. Experience life, as though your last breath is just about to be taken. For the calling of tomorrow is all we have to hold onto for hope. And even then, hope is unruly. The truest path to eternal enlightenment is one of arduous and tumultuous commitment. For it is action alone that is the only truth we may live by.”

     With one last glance, Qiradel looked at the six determined individuals with eyes full of inner rejuvenation as she lightly shook her head in the deepest of disappointment and regret.  “Alas, I grow tired of trying to reason with animals. Farewell, and enjoy the breaches of the Afterlife. For nobody in this world will remember or miss you.”

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

2 thoughts on “Online Journal (Entry #007)

    1. Thanks man, it’s always fun whenever I have downtime to make these entries. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this side hobby, definitely cool meeting all sorts of different people!


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