Online Journal (Entry #005)

Today, I’ll be updating you guys on what’s happening in my “real” life. I also want to discuss other topics of interest which have been on my mind lately.

Hi everyone, it’s R.S. Noel coming to you with another post!

To begin, on Thursday, I’ll be carpooling with four of my future coworkers to our initial training day for Reborn Cafe. It’ll be interesting to find out more about them during the 1 hour-long drive to our training destination. It’ll be a 5 hour training day, so I’m expecting us to be given only a break during our training. But the company itself is awesome! They have really nice office space, and actually own an entire building/structure. Their headquarters are huge indeed. And they provide a lot of cool perks. For instance, when we had our first meeting with this company, they ordered Portos Bakery and also 6 boxes of Cosco pizza. I’m definitely glad I was able to leave my previous employer as well, I know it wouldn’t have taken me anywhere in terms of growth in a company. But with this company, I’m definitely going to use everything in my willpower to get ahead.

Another aspect of my life is college. Fall Semester at my college starts next week, and I’ll have 4 classes. My classes will be as follows: College-Level Statistics, Accounting 101, Business Administration 120, and Computer and Information Systems 101. Even though I’ve taken semesters where I had 5 or 6 classes (about 16-19 units), this will definitely be my most challenging semester yet. I heard Computer and Information Systems 101 is difficult, but luckily that’s the only one I need to take for my ADT (Transfer Degree), so that I can go to Cal State LA or Cal State Northridge. I wouldn’t mind Cal State Long Beach either, but we’ll see what I get in when that time comes around next spring when I find out.

Besides that, my life is going pretty good so far. I wouldn’t say excellent, or the way I had initially envisioned it years ago when I was graduating from high school four years ago, but it’s going well enough for me to accept that life has many (and I mean many) challenges that are sometimes nearly-impossible to overcome. But that’s exactly how you read it, it’s “nearly-impossible”, meaning that there’s still a small possibility that things can change if you try hard enough and stick it out during the rougher patches of your life. If you just stick with a regiment, you’ll be able to really get anything done. Just set you’re mind to anything and you’ll get it done.

There’s another great thing about life. No matter what current situation you find yourself in right now in life, you’ll certainly be able to find yourself getting out of any such situations with relative ease. It’s great that there are times of hardship actually, because those are the times that you really get things done and when you realize just how much potential you have inside of yourself.

Times of hardship really are the only times I get to push myself further than I ever thought possible. It’s not so much a sense of disbelief or a sense of disgust that overcomes me, no, it’s a sense of proving to myself alone that I can do anything I set my mind to. It’s not that hard to imagine your life in any which way possible, you just have to imagine where you want to be in a couple of years timing, and you should be just fine (for the most part).

There are times I wonder just how ignorant people are of the great potential housed inside of themselves and others around them. This is quite obvious though, because many people are jealous of others; or they may not want to see other people succeed. That’s just the way that life works, it can be quite cut-throat and unforgiving.

There are things that I wish I could share with all of you on a much more personal level, but I can’t, because I would need to be in your life to let you know just how serious things can get.

At times, I wonder what life would be like if everyone would be given the chance to see how far they can go in life if they were able to use their potential. It’s been on my mind lately, and I know I’m not the first one to think it either. It’s nearly impossible to go throughout life not understanding or having a basic comprehension of what life could be like for everyone. It’s almost a natural part of our lives to wonder and question what possible things we can achieve if we were just given the opportunity.

I’m a staunch believer that if you’re given a chance to prove yourself, you’ll certainly do so. It really comes down to 2 things. The first is that you need to be in an environment where you’re given the chance, and the second is, you need to have the drive to want to succeed. It’s inherently naive to believe that we as people can achieve great things by ourselves. We need support, we need people who have some “power” in whatever industry we’re working towards; to help us in some way, even if it’s small. These are the realities of our lives, and this is the conclusions I’ve come to during my time figuring out what’s “wrong” with the current world.

We’ve somehow lost our sense of connection with each other, due to the nature of competition to survive in our modern world today. Thus we’ve lost our sense of true connection with one another, and we’ve also lost our sense of who we are as human beings. We’ve allowed ourselves, our neighbors, our communities, and even our loved ones, to be degraded down to “mere” beings who exist to work alone. It’s almost as though we’ve been given little-to-no chance to really prove ourselves and grow as human beings; thus being able to really help our communities to grow and thrive as they should do in a “normal” society.

I kind of wish that we had more time to create and foster a true sense of community as well. It seems that communities today are so broken and half-hearted, that many children growing up in these vastly distorted communities are growing up sick and twisted. I think we should be able to talk more openly about what things are wrong in our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

These are the things that fill my mind at night at times; I often wonder what life will be like for the next generation of human beings. It’s ¬†almost as though we see each other as ghosts, or former selves which we would rather ignore or just put aside.

Things need to get done in politics and in the world as a whole, and they need to be done now.

It’s kind of like a therapy session. You initially share with “the shrink” what’s bothering you. But as you go on-and-on, you find that you’re really just talking aloud to nobody in particular, because the true nature of a therapist is to write down important things that you say to him/her. Only in some cases does that connection with a therapist overcome that of the ordinary relationship which exists between the patient and the shrink. In most cases, you need to “shell out the big dough” in order to really get a therapist (a genuine therapist who has the freedom to be a little more personal with their patient), who actually cares a little about your own personal issues. That’s why I’ve come to realize that the best therapists are the ones who you consider family to you. Those are the only people who even give a damn about you. They are the only ones who will come to you at the end of the day and share a good laugh, a good cry, or even a good conversation with you.

That’s what’s wrong with our society today; we’re living in a world where everything is monetized and everything has a price-tag. It’s all about keeping the economy up, it’s all about ensuring that business goes “as usual”. It was never about the human aspect of business, it was always about the profit which was earned from said business.

But with all of that talk aside, I think it’s necessary and important to take note of our actions during times of real crisis. It proves to not only ourselves, but to others, who we really are at the core of our being. And it also helps to further gauge where you are in your own life. There are times I wish that we could be more honest and open about some of the issues we’re facing in the modern world; without any ridicule or hate. But unfortunately, that’s just not how the world operates. It operates with a sense of despise and disregard, it operates with a deep sense of indifference and ignorance; and it operates on the mass failure of its people in said society. That way, everyone can live as consumers and funnel in their money into products, businesses, and other such economic stimulus items/service which give our economy “a boost” .

In the end, none of what I said will ever reach the eyes of those in positions of “real” power, but it’s my hope that you, my readers, will begin to understand just how serious our situation is right now in America, and ultimately, through the world.

Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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