The Issue of North Korea has Far-Reaching Implications.

North Korea is a country with so many unforeseeable issues still peaking up beyond the metaphorical horizon. As a small, isolated, socialist country; North Korea is like an abused and forgotten child left to fend for itself without any aid. Often times, images of starving citizens or homeless children welter up in our minds whenever we think of North Korea. Without a doubt, and especially in today’s political climate of uncertainty, there are many countries whom are shifting allegiances by the day, and are preparing themselves, militarily speaking; almost as though they know what’s about to happen next.

We live in uncertain times. That is the nature of life though; history has a strange yet inevitable tendency to manifest and repeat itself in incomprehensible ways.

Let’s face it, even if history today has different players, the game is still the same.

Resources, power, and influence are just three of the countless reasons that drive each nation or country to fight for supremacy. This is the driving force of many politically driven wars (whether it be civil war, a war started with a neighboring country, or a war born from a global threat). There are countless times throughout our human history where the political/hierarchical players made the wrong move; or made a hasty move which was driven purely on emotion alone.

You see, the art of war is so much more than just emotion, or logic, or any other singular piece of human intelligence. It takes more than just one person to start a war. Thus, that’s where today’s discussion turns back to North Korea.

The current dictator, Kim Jung-un, is understandably afraid of losing his power. He’s afraid of the backlash he might receive from his own North Korean citizens. But most importantly, Kim Jung-un is afraid of what might happen to him if he were to lose what little power he has left. Like many dictators throughout the world in history, they have either met their death by old age, or by being overthrown and killed. The life of a dictator is not glamorous by any accounts, but that is the nature of reality for such a person. There is no in-between, unless of course you enjoy theories of conspiracy (conspiracy theories; but in truth, the term has so much negative connotation to it, I’ve chosen to re-word it for the sake of not emitting any images of preconceived notions).

Undoubtedly, Kim Jung-un knows his situation is extremely dire. That’s why, if you’ve been paying attention to what’s been happening lately between President Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un, you’ll notice that they’ve just been bickering and going back-and-forth for a while now. It seems like there are many possibilities at hand here, but let’s face the truth, it won’t end well for Kim Jung-un if he continues to resist. Based off of history, however, I doubt a dictator such as Kim Jung-un will ever surrender due to the sole fact that he was born and breed into a line of dictators. There is no other way of life that he knows how to live by. He’s lived obediently and listened closely to what he was taught as a young child, and a young man. There’s an ancient proverb which I believe fits well here in this part of the article; and it goes something like this: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

On the other hand, we can’t just assume that things will be easier for each subsequent generation either, that’s the kind of thinking that gets many countries into hot water. As an American, I do worry about what will happen to this great land. In that same token, I’ve always had an understanding that history repeats itself. What I mean to say is: I’ve always accepted life’s changes and understood that nothing ever lasts forever. And with that, life always finds ways to take a new hold of us whether we like it or not.

Am I afraid? Yes.

Do I think the future looks bright? Surprisingly…yes as well!

Do not forget, we’re Americans. We’ve faced many obstacles, overcome incredible adversity, and now, we’ve become an empire worth being intimidated by. That last part can be interpreted in both good and bad ways. Even I know that no country is “good” or “evil”. All I can say is, I’d rather be on the winning side. Because at the end of the day, the real world doesn’t exist in “goods” or “evils”. It merely just exists. Whoever is the stronger, smarter, more capable side will come up as victorious. That’s just how life works unfortunately.

With that side-rant aside; as Americans, we are bound to face obstacles. And I’ll be damned to see this country go down easily. We’re all made of tougher stuff, and if there’s any indication from our still fairly young history in the world, America will rise to any occasion and fight with the best of our willpower. In fact, I know it’s only a matter of time before we see that long-sleeping willpower tested once again…


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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