Our Potential Exploration to Mars

If you’ve listened to any of your friends or colleagues in the last couple of years talk about Mars One, you know then how out-of-this-world it sounds. You either shared a good laugh or feverishly began to oscillate ideas between each other.

No matter what your reaction or perception of it is; the truth behind Mars One is without a doubt one of the most ambitious, insane, controversial, daunting, yet immensely courageous phenomena of our generation (depending on how you view all of this).

I remember when I first heard about it. I had found myself on YouTube’s front cover page, where I found a most auspicious video titled “Mars 2025 – Inhabitants Wanted”. A strange feeling surely came over me. Perhaps this was what cemented a spark of interest in me to watch it. No matter, I was determined to find out what this was all about.

Sufficient to say at the very least, I was initially very pleased to have come across this one-of-a-kind-video. I was living in a fantasy world where I believed that this company had true intentions; and perhaps they did at one point. However, I strongly feel after conducting more research on the matter; that Mars One is yet another example of a “gimmick marketing” tactic. They’re essentially creating a profitable business where they are none currently.

What I have discovered is that there are surely real people, like Elon Musk and similar entrepreneurs like him working alongside scientist and engineers; trying to find a way to Mars. But Mars One is not one of those companies. This is a hoax, and a very profitably one at that.

However, I think you and I can agree on one fact:

The sustainability of such a society being created on the Martian soil with current technology is undeniably risky and outrageous. But it is not impossible.

With a gravity that is only 38 percent of Earth’s gravity, Mars is doubly less then suitable for humans to even move on, let alone live on. I could go way more into detail than necessary, but I want this piece to be about what most people want to find out, which is what the true mission of Mars One is.

Ready for the big surprise? I believe someone like Elon Musk will be the one to lead us into a new era for human beings on Earth. First off, we’ll need to further observe how the human body acts under differing gravitational environments similar to that of Mars. Thus we’ll be able to better equip distant humans of the space-fairing generations with more advanced improvements in the fields of science and technology.

Other such objectives are obviously without fail: finding other life forms (whether they be bacteria or fully aware micro-organisms), analysis on composites of minerals and other resources that could benefit the human race, and studying the geological history and terrain of differing landscapes on different rock formations (planets, moons, and asteroids).  Truth be told, it is no longer a question of whether we as a species will be traveling in space or not. No, it is now a question of how we can better prepare for the survivability of future generations of humans who will indeed become a space-fairing species.

Who knows, maybe we’ll create some kind of artificial gravity unit that could closely mimic to some degree the gravity of Earth on Mars? Or perhaps we will create the first truly “green” habitats with plant life embedded into the very walls of the infrastructures that could be built on the Red Planet. Or maybe we will create efficient technology that could convert a seemingly lifeless Mars into a terra-formed planet such as our own. Even crazier is the single thought that perhaps we might have a fully-operational societal infrastructure on Mars in two hundred years timing from now!

No matter the speculation or wild imagination being made from current news outlets, I believe that this is just the beginning of what humans will delve into, in terms of space exploration. We know so little about the vast universe out there, yet it is undoubtedly a very brave step forward in realizing even more discoveries with a permanent human settlement on Mars.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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