Intimidation of Life’s Quarrels and Hardships

Hey everyone, R.S. Noel here again! Hopefully life has been treating all of you good enough to make the best of it, otherwise, I’ll pray for you to have a better time and hopefully your day turns around. I understand things can be pretty tough sometimes, and I don’t expect life to always be some fairytale existence; however, I know that it really is a mindset. If you allow life to get you down, it’ll eat away at you for the remainder of your day, and you’re the only one that doesn’t benefit from any of the negative effects of such emotions or thoughts.

The fact of the matter is that we all have some form of expectation hanging over us our whole lives which doesn’t really benefit us in any way possible.

Sometimes in life, there can be so many competing avenues which are trying to vie for our collective attention. And sometimes, we can only attend to a handful of them. There are times I wonder why people even make a big deal out of certain things, but then I quickly remember, that we as humans can be quite petty in our everyday actions. People are bored with their lives when they are trying to make your own life miserable. This is always a good thing to remember whenever you find yourself stuck between a hard wall and a rock. Sometimes you’ll find that you have no control over your life or the actions which are taken against you. But how you react is truly the number #1 key to maintaining your own power over any pettiness you may face in life.

Without a doubt, it’s important to note that you may also find yourself not caring about the world any longer. And for many regards, we are all powerless to the changes happening in our world (whether it be natural or man-made changes). Again, it really is the way we think about these different situations and events. We begin to learn more about ourselves the longer we live in this madness we call life. Obstacles we may face can be very difficult to overcome at times, and for good reason; but once you step back for a while – you’ll find that it really is all in your head. Our human imagination tends to make situations a whole lot worse than they already are.

So what’s today’s post about? Well, it’s about how to keep you level-headed when you feel like you’re slipping back into insanity.

It’s inevitable for every single person to feel this way, there’s no going around this fact of life.

This post is to remind you that it’s okay to feel like you have no control over your life at this moment in time. However, if you begin to think like this everyday, you’ll never get anywhere in life. You need to understand that at this moment right now in which you’re reading this article, you must realize that every person in the world’s history has gone through such a phase of uselessness or unworthiness. The funny part of it all, is that you’ll likely move on in a couple of weeks, months, or years from today and have a whole new perspective in life.

With that said, now’s the time I finish this post off. I just want to say this: stick in there. It may not get better now, and it may look like it’ll never get better; but I promise you, it’ll eventually get better in the long-term once you’ve experienced enough of life to understand how it all works. You just need to be thick-skinned and let things slide off of you. Whether it was some random encounter today between you and a stranger which left a bad taste in your mouth, or perhaps someone close to you screwed you over in some way, just stick it out and you’ll find some things in life really don’t matter as much as you think they do.


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel


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