Fantastic World of Writing and Imagination

At the most inconspicuous of times, I’ll imagine up a part of a story that makes for a strange and exciting idea. In times of uncertainty, or just whenever I find myself daydreaming with a couple of minutes of free time to spare, I begin to drift. I’ll imagine  a world of endless possibilities, of a world in which does not exist yet is all around us, and I’ll often times think upon the strange oddities of our reality.

Eventually, I’ll come back to such an idea, and write it down again in my trusted notebook to see if it truly is an idea I wish to explore further. If the story comes to me naturally, and has a flow in which I cannot stop, it becomes a Work in Progress for me (or as it’s called on many various forms of social media: WIP).

I didn’t always enjoy writing though. I found it to be a chore that needed to be done with. I always enjoyed being a writer, but never the thought of actually writing. Just using my imagination, so to speak. Yet now that I’m older, I’ve come to relish in the joy that comes from writing, whereas before I used to feel like writing was a burden. I used to dream of getting right to the end of the whole process; to have a complete story without having to input all of the time, energy, and self-motivation needed to complete a story.

I can’t imagine what creating a story without writing would be like. The journey of creating a story would be without lasting effect throughout the ages. I’ve come to realize that a book is the only medium of entertainment that can truly teach the audience many of life’s secrets and emotions in a way that forces you to use your own imagination.

Creating a story requires a vast sense of otherness. Often times, it requires that you take yourself out of the equation. It calls for your cooperation and willingness to learn new perspectives on life, to understand what a complete stranger might be going through in their own existence. You must become completely selfless, giving yourself wholly to your work and not thinking twice about it. It should come natural; your fingers should feel the words you are writing, while your mind gets lost in the world of imagination that comes with the beauty of writing.

I’m 24 years old now, and I started writing random short stories when I was 10. There was something enticing about imagining other worlds, other realities; other dimensions even. Different tales of different people, untold secrets of vastly unknown experiences, heroism confronted with the complications of life’s blunt reality – there are so many wonderful concepts that come to mind even when just daydreaming. Of course, as an adult, we don’t always have the luxury of time on our hands.

But as adults, we have the sole power to choose what we make time for. If I wanted to, I could forget all about writing. But at the end of the day, even if I’m just starting out in the professional world of authorship, I fully understand that writing will always be my true passion in life. Whether I pick up any other hobbies in the future, nothing will ever compare to the joy I find in creating untold stories of vastly unknown experiences… 


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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