Political Games…Make for Interesting Gains?

Political games make for interesting gains.

The people are split on this topic, the people see despair in the system. They see their only hope in the system. But political games, after all, make for interesting gains.

Interesting gains? Yes, interesting gains for those who play it correctly.

When a politician makes $2 million dollars annually through a combination of his different “sponsors”, he’s made a gain. A gain, in this instance, does not mean a victory for the people. It does not mean a new bill has passed that is in favor of the public’s interest. No; it means something entirely different. A gain, for a politician, means they’ve moved up the metaphorical ladder of their chosen career.

Yes their career. After all, government is just another workplace.

What people, and even I, don’t fully understand, is the fact that these politicians gain interest only if they can survive long enough in the game. Because you see, if any politician doesn’t play by the rules, by their rules, they are easily replaceable. They are expandable, a throwaway, uninteresting, and a burden to the game. They must play, or else their whole livelihood goes down the drain like a hooker who’s tired of being used.

Don’t you understand?

This isn’t about you or me, this is about them. Unfortunately, it always has been.

So instead of relaying on these prostitutes to help us out when we’re in our most dire straits, why don’t we just leave them on the curve on the next corner, and start looking after each other? After all, political games make for interesting gains…


Forever in Your Debt,

R.S. Noel

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